November 13, 2017

As part of our Christmas Wishlists for 2017, we’ve spoken to some of our favourite creatives from around Europe to find out how they celebrate Christmas! Youtuber Alex Puertolas tells us all about Christmas in Madrid…

What are your favourite things about the holiday/winter season?

I love winter. My favourite things are rainy or snowy afternoons, on the couch with a blanket, a cup of coffee, a good book and background music.

How do you celebrate the holidays in your country?

It’s a family-focused holiday, where you spend your days surrounded by family and friends. Many dinners at home, walks under the Christmas lights of the city, and drinks with friends.

What are the traditional dishes that you eat?

The nougat! Haha, I love the nougat.


Do you have any traditions that you observe every year?

In Spain it is tradition to eat 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve. In addition to that tradition, each family has its own traditions. My mother says that if you put a coin in the shoe when you eat the grapes and put a suitcase in the door you will have a year of good luck and many trips. This year has been fulfilled, haha.

Does Madrid have any holiday traditions that are unique to the city?

All the cities of Spain are special at Christmas. Perhaps Madrid is one of the most decorated cities. There are many Christmas lights, giant Christmas trees and lots of life in its streets and the tradition of taking the grapes in La Puerta del Sol!


What do you think is special about the way Spain celebrates the holiday season? You have quite a few different days that you celebrate on!

I don’t know if Spain is different, because I don’t have the luck of having lived the Christmas outside of Spain, but what I do know is that in Spain you breathe a different air at Christmas. The people are more friendly, there are many meetings, the atmosphere is magical, you see the delight of children and the elderly and people are happy.

What’s your favourite Spanish Christmas tradition?

I would say decorating the house with Christmas decorations the whole family, and seeing the faces of the children in the parade of the Magi.


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