November 13, 2017

As part of our Christmas Wishlists for 2017, we’ve spoken to some of our favourite creatives from around Europe to find out how they celebrate Christmas! DJ Alia Loren gives us the lowdown on Christmas in the U.K…

What are your favourite things about the holiday/winter season?

Getting all the family together in one place, watching our favourite movie marathons, looking back on old photos and food! I love the winter season (sometimes more than summer) because more time I’m in track suits and puffa jackets. I way prefer wearing more than less.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Normally we have to come to some kind of agreement of who’s house we’re going to. We’ll eat and drink way too much (as we all do), play loads of games, watch films, eat some more, play Christmas bangers and just enjoy the day together.

Do you have any traditions that you observe every year?

Harry Potter marathons (or Lord Of The Rings but I’m more a Harry Potter fan to be honest!).

What do you think is special about British Christmases?

Probably tv and radio during Christmas (personally). We always have so much of our fave things to watch and radio sets with mc’s. Last Christmas was sending season so it was a hype to lock in and hear what’s being said.


What’s your favourite thing about this time of year?

Food, let’s be real! And seeing family that I haven’t seen in forever. It’s just nice to get together and have a laugh, no problems or anything, just banter and good memories.

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

Speaking of food, I love a Yorkshire pud. I could eat them till no tomorrow. Gotta love a mince pie as well!

What Christmas/winter song do you put on repeat every year?

All the Christmas classics! I couldn’t name one because we play them all just on a loop till we get sick of it and wait to do the exact same thing next year.

What are your top winter style tips?

Right, puffa jackets are a must. I love how Urban Outfitters have like every colour at one point (I was obsessed with the lime green one I got from the store). Cosy and comfortable is my motto so track suits, Nike trainers and hoodies. I’m not a heels/boots kind of girl so you can’t ever go wrong with some sick creps. I really love wearing bold bright colours/prints in the winter as well – like the blue BDG jumper on my list or the Champion hoodie. I’d normally wear it with some loose baggy trousers and some vans or converses. Cosy but cute.


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