November 2, 2017

In the run up to the release of her next single “Decline”, we meet Raye, south London’s next big thing…

When did you first become interested in music?

I always have been I guess. I grew up in the church in a musical family and started writing songs when I was super young.

When did you decide to go into music professionally?

I decided when I was maybe 11 that I wanted to make music a career for myself. Obviously I was super young but deadly serious about it and from then on I did everything I could to find my way into the industry.

How would you describe your sound?

Pop / r&b / electro.

What do you look to for inspiration, musically and otherwise?

I guess I’m very honest with my music so I’m inspired by everything I go through day to day. My friends lives, London in general and the music I’m really loving.

Tell us all about your new single!

My new single is called Decline! It samples one of my favourite songs of all time Ja Rule ft. Ashanti – Always On Time. But I’ve flipped the concept, basically the song is about finding independence again and finally letting go of that toxic ex.


How would you describe your creative process?

Very go with the flow. I like to come to studio sessions with ideas, voice notes or lyric motifs just to have a starting point. I absolutely love writing music so I’m really just in my element bouncing ideas, jumping up and down when we find good melodies.

You were featured in the BBC Music’s Sound of 2017 list – how do you feel you have progressed throughout 2017 so far? What have been your highlights?

2017 has definitely been a real career starter for me I feel. I started the year with a massive highlight having 5 songs in the UK Top 40 that I had either written or was singing on. Another highlight was playing the O2 Arena stage twice in one week. I mean knowing my way around back stage by day 2 felt pretty insane.

What’s on your dream rider?




Fried Chicken



And lots of free gifts and presents

What are your favourite things about performing live?

Getting to hear your songs and lyrics being sung back to you!

You’re from South London! How has the scene inspired you and what are your favourite things about the city?

South London is so special to me, there’s so much culture and incredible food, nights out, pubs, parks. There is always so much going on to be inspired by.

What’s next?

New music!!!