November 7, 2017

Looking like something out of a video from The Cure, Manchester band Pale Waves are this year’s break out indie pop sensation. With their tracks “Television Romance” and “Like A Honey” earning their place on every indie fan’s summer playlist, the band are well poised to shoot to stardom – and it’s only just the beginning.

Before they head off on their North American tour (where several shows are already sold out!), we caught Heather Baron-Gracie with them to talk all things Pale Waves…

Where did the name Pale Waves come from?

Ciara and I spent so long thinking about a name for our band that eventually we decided to not think about it at all. I was going through all my grandmas old art and came across a painting she did which inspired the name Pale Waves. So we found the name when we weren’t actually looking for it.

How did you start making music together?

We started writing music together instantly when we met when we were both eighteen. We met in Manchester and I knew straight away that I had found someone with the same love for music as myself.

Describe your sound in three words.

Honest pop music

What’s your creative process like?

It varies. Sometimes a song can instantly click whereas sometimes it’s completely different and the process is much longer. The way Pale Waves usually works is I’d have a song written which I would write on my acoustic then show Ciara. Or Ciara would build a solid piece of music then show me. So we both prefer working separately at the beginning then come together to create something we both fall in love with.

What are you inspired by, musically and otherwise?

You can gather inspiration from so many things like a conversation overheard on a tube or a movie or a book. But I’m mainly inspired by my own experiences and the situations I get myself into. Music is my outlet so I put everything into it.


What’s your live show like?

Our shows are really special to us all. We want to create a world where people walk into and feel like everything is ok. The shows we are currently doing are extremely intimate so it’s really lovely to have everyone so close. Its also a lot of fun.

You’ve been signed to The 1975’s label Dirty Hit! How did this come about and how did they help you with your debut single “There’s A Honey”?

We played a show in Manchester for Radio X which lead us to Mike Walsh the head of the radio show introduced us to Jamie and we all connected so well over music and our ambitions, that it was the perfect partnership. Jamie showed Matty and George There’s A Honey and Television Romance and they seemed really excited about both tracks and could imagine instantly what they would do with the production, which was exactly what we envisioned which made it really easy! I think it’s quite special that they worked on the start of Pale Waves with us.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Probably playing some amazing live shows. Two years ago we were playing to a few people and spent most of our time in a basement practicing and writing. So it means the world to us to be able to go to America and Europe and play our own shows and connect with so many people.

You’re going on tour in the US! What are you most looking forward to?

Being back in America again! We had the time of our life’s there and met so many nice people.

What’s on your rider?

Our tour manager and tech are health freaks, so it involves a lot of avocados and fruit. We mainly have bread, cheese and vodka even though we don’t drink that much.

What’s next?

We have our first EP coming out in the next few days so we’re really looking forward to that. We have more shows booked for next year and a few festivals. We have so much to look forward to.