November 30, 2017

Camden Cox (yes, her real name is Camden) is London’s next superstar dance/pop songstress; we caught up with her to find out about all things beats, baselines and Elton John’s radio show…

Have you always been interested in making music?

Absolutely! I grew up around it, my Dad was a drummer and my mum was a club promoter. I used to come home from school and there would be drum ‘n bass blasting through the house. I knew I wanted to be involved, especially in dance music.

What was the first song you wrote?

The first full song I wrote was called ‘Running My Head’ which was a dubstep track that came out back in 2012!

How would you describe your sound?

I’m very much influenced by old school dance songs like ‘Let me be your fantasy’ and ‘I need a miracle’. I try to create euphoric, timeless party tracks that have very real and relatable lyrics. Something that can get you moving but also thinking!

What’s your writing process like?

I usually start with a beat and a baseline. Something simple but with a groove. I find it easier to start this way rather than from scratch on a piano or a guitar, because it brings out the more edgy melodies.

Tell us about your single “Did You Love Me?”

DYLM was a song I wrote in pure frustration. That moment when you’re coming to the end of a relationship…something in your head clicks and you just – switch – off! I wrote it with Jaded who also co-wrote and produced my last single ‘Gold’. We actually used the original vocal take because we didn’t want to lose that emotion I felt on the day!

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Give me an old ‘floor fillers club classics’ CD and I’ll be in my element! My favourite songs ever are ‘Olive – You’re Not Alone’ and ‘Rui Da Silva – Touch Me’. I love the sassy electronic females like Robyn, Tove-Lo, Katy B, Keisza. I’m also a big fan of Disciples.


How would you say your sound has grown and changed since you started out?

I’ve become less scared to speak my mind. I used to just write hooks with maybe something a bit throw away, just to keep the party going. However now I just write whatever it is that’s on my mind, if I want to swear then I will, if I sound like a crazy girl then it doesn’t matter… the best music comes from the deepest places and I feel like it really comes across in my new songs.

You recently played in London! What’s your favourite thing about performing live and what can we expect from your show?

Yes! It was awesome! Performing live is where I feel like the best version of myself. I just loosen up, and literally nothing outside of that performance will feel real! I have a very busy mind normally, thoughts and ideas overlap constantly and keep me awake at night, so when I go into my own little world I don’t want to come back out because I feel the most free. I’ll be gigging a lot more in 2018 as I will have this EP to showcase, expect a massive party, to feel like you’ve known me for years, and cool mash-up’s of some classics!

What have your highlights been so far?

Well when Elton John played my last single on his Rocket Hour radio show, he gave me a wicked shout out and confirmed that Camden IS my real name! That was a very cool feeling as he’s such a legend. Also selling out my show in October was a real proud moment for me!

What are your plans for the rest of the year and for 2018?

I’m going to let this single live for a bit over Christmas because I have a lot to be prepping for the new year! I’m planning the story boards for the next couple of videos, as I’ll be cracking on as soon as everyone has put their xmas playlists away! I have another 3 singles coming out at the beginning of 2018 and I’m literally so excited for everyone to finally hear them – It’s going to be a very colourful year!

Watch Camden Cox’s “Gold” Video