December 20, 2017

We talk all things Bob Dylan, isolation and debut records with singer songwriter Isaac Gracie…

What’s your earliest music memory?

I remember my mum singing to me when I was a baby I think. Everything from hymns to Bob Dylan.

Describe your sound to potential new fans in three words.

I like to think that I take hints from Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Dylan as they’re the artists I’ve grown to care about the most. But I think there might be a hint of Coldplay in there too maybe, something more cleanly melodic and contemporary that I grew up around.

Tell us all about your new single “Terrified”!

It’s a song that I wrote when I first encountered the music industry. I left university and felt quite lonesome and afraid of the future and my place in it. It’s about confronting that fear and trying to own it in some way I guess.

What’s your creative process like?

I like to watch documentaries about artists, read a bit of poetry, or listen to some music as much as I can. Generally I try to find some inspiration throughout the day and then come the evening I’ll have a drink and bang my head against the guitar for a few hours and hope something comes of it.

What are you inspired by, musically and otherwise?

I get inspired by lots of things I guess. I like looking into the person behind the work, I find it quite inspiring to examine how and why the piece was created, whether it’s a painting or a photograph or a song.

What’s your live show like?

I currently have a drummer and a bassist with me. I like to make a lot of noise at times and not so much noise at other times. I guess it floats between big sonic pictures and smaller more vulnerable ones.

How does the London music scene influence you, if at all?

It doesn’t really, I’m quite an isolated person when it comes to making music.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

I’m not sure, there is no outstanding achievement that jumps out really, though there have been some lovely occasions. Maybe finishing the debut record, that was a great relief and sense of accomplishment.

You’ve just returned from a European tour and you’ve got another one coming up shortly… What excites you most about touring different countries, and what are your favourite things about performing live in general?

I love playing live with my band, they’re such talented players and every night feels so fresh and free. It’s quite uniquely liberating. Getting to travel and see new and beautiful places and people alongside the shows is just a bonus.

What’s on your rider?

Beer, mostly.

What’s next for Isaac Gracie in 2018?

I’ll release my debut album and play a load of shows hopefully. I’m really looking forward to it..!

Watch the new video for “Terrified” here.