December 20, 2017


Forget rainbow snacks and unicorn coloured cookery. The violently garish treats that have taken over our appetites and Instagram feeds for the last year, are no more. Get ready for the darkly beautiful backlash in the form of goth food. Bringing a whole new meaning to all black everything, look out for superfood ingredients activated charcoal and coconut charcoal, which can help reduce cholesterol and are powerful antioxidants known to improve digestive health. These black dusts are transforming ice cream, coffee and bread, whilst squid ink is elevating rustic bowls of pasta into gram-worthy food statements. #nofilter.

5 FOODS YOU'LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Charcoal ice creams, pic credit @miguelikess (LA)

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Activated charcoal latte by @farmgirlcafe (London)

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Prawn & lemon black pasta by @foodbystevee (Zurich)

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Vegan tofu burger by Tofu Tussis, pic credit @stehdrummergirl (Berlin)


2017 has seen over a 90% increase in vegan-related Google searches, so it’s no shocker to see plant-based proteins are set to continue their meteoric rise to the top of the food charts. With consumer demand for high quality, tasty meat alternatives driving supermarkets to create more ranges than ever before, seitan is now widely available and starting to appear on restaurant menus due to its versatility and meaty texture, making it an ideal ingredient for everything from curries, noodle dishes, bbq ‘ribs’ and a ‘cold meat’ alternative in sandwiches. Also called ‘wheat meat’ (because it’s made from wheat gluten) seitan is high in protein and packed with flavour. Check out Temple of Seitan in Hackney, leading the plant protein revolution with hot wings, fried fillets and loaded burgers in their popular vegan fast-food diner.

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 @templeofseitan (London)


It’s not just new ingredients that will be filling your feed. Air frying is the new way to achieve a crispy coating and deep-fried flavour for half the calories. It works by circulating super-hot air around the food to create a ‘fried’ outer layer using just one tablespoon of oil. Meat, fish, vegetables and even doughs can be air fried, so get ready to see an influx of healthy, crunchy Insta recipes from apple crisps and ‘roast’ veggies to doughnuts, nuggets and avocado fries. Forget smashed, it’s time to air fry your avo and serve with lemon mayo. We’re in.

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Avocado fries, pic credit @georgie_gough (London)


Your morning caffeine fix gets a makeover for 2018. Turmeric has undoubtedly become the spice of the year, due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, all-nourishing body benefits that’s had us prepping and guzzling golden milk ever since we heard about it. But yellow stained finger tips are a thing of the past, as coffee giants Pret A Manger and Starbucks have added turmeric drinks and lattes to their menus. Other coffees waiting to be snapped beside your laptop and notebook include the oh-so-photogenic charcoal, matcha, rose and hibiscus lattes. Beat the January blues and try the new health-inspired hot drinks to kick-start your day.

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Charcoal, butterfly matcha & hibiscus lattes by @farmgirlcafe (London)

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Turmeric ginger latte by @bayleysbrewbar (Toronto)


This year, ‘root to tip’ eating is set to be big. Our increased mindfulness in all aspects of life has seen a shift in our attitudes towards food, and making use of every part of raw ingredients and preserving any waste is the way forward. Not only do pickled vegetables and fermented pastes taste incredible and add an intense depth of flavour, they are also full of probiotics that keep your gut healthy. Grab a variety of glass jars and create your own kimchi, miso, sauerkraut, piccalilli, chilli oils and vegetable pickles and upload your work to the gram to spread the word.

5 FOODS YOU’LL BE INSTAGRAMMING IN 2018 Vegetable pickles by @phicklefoods (Philadelphia)

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