January 15, 2018

We love Kitsch, cruelty free fashion brand Jakke. To find out more about the brand’s ethos and their award winning faux fur and slogan tee collections, we caught up with Creative Director Nina Hopkins.

Where did the idea to start JAKKE come from?

I’d been working with faux fur for a while whilst designing outerwear for numerous high street stores. When designing for the High street you look at the catwalk trends and translate them into more commercial (watered down) versions. It was through this that I noticed a gap in the market. The catwalks were showing real fur but there was also a need for fashionable faux fur. Brands like Stella McCartney and Shrimps were already doing this job really well but they were (and still are) unaffordable to the average person. I wanted to create a label that would bridge the gap so to speak but also still using the best quality faux fur.

What’s the ethos of the brand?

Our ethos is “Free From” – we don’t use any fur, leather, wool or silk in our garments. All our products are cruelty free.

Why do you focus on faux fur?


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Faux Fur (outerwear) is the core and foundation of the brand. The name Jakke means jacket in Danish (I’m obsessed with Scandinavian brands) although we pronounce it as (jack-ie).

How would you describe the JAKKE aesthetic?

70’s retro.

What’s your design process like?

I have the ideal jakke girl(s) in my head and I imagine all of the things that go on in her life. For example; Where does she travel? Where does she work and like to socialise? Each season I design a collection that I think she’d love to wear during these activities. Our instagram followers help me with this as they are our customers – I’m always inspired by what they do and how they dress. With the Faux Fur I usually start off with kooky print ideas and then build the plainer pieces around these so that the range forms a coherent story. My instincts are really strong and I’m always ahead of the trends which has been great for the brand. We had the mustard faux fur coat in AW16 before it became a huge thing. We had to repeat it again for AW17 as it was all over the catwalk.

What kind of customer does the brand attract and why do you think that is?

The jakke girl is an independent young working girl who is fashion aware but price savvy and wants to have fun with her look. We know that she is ethically conscious because she proudly wears our removable “Free From Fur” patch on her sleeve.

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How do you make sure all your materials and fabrics are sustainable and cruelty free?

Our factories are approved by SEDEX who are an Ethical and Environmental standards Auditing company. Our Tees are made from 100% organic cotton that is grown without using harsh pesticides and fertilizers. There are always ways to improve sustainability and this is a continual work in progress for the brand.

What does the brand look to for inspiration?

Anything kooky and quirky.

It’s great that cruelty free and vegan clothing is becoming more and more popular – why do you think that is?

I think it started as a food fad, which has, now has spilled over into fashion. People are also more educated and have become more aware of how badly animals can be treated. Fabrics have also become so much more advanced making fake just as good as (or even better) than real.

Where do you see JAKKE going in the future?

We’ve just developed a “Free From Wool” knitwear range, which will launch for AW18 and also 100% organic cotton vegan slogan Tees (available now). We will also be creating a denim range which we feel will compliment these products.

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