February 1, 2018

If pop is your vibe, you’ve probably heard of Loop. The London based singer-songwriter has amassed a dedicated fan base with over 1 million streams on Spotify and recognition from BBC Introducing, Radio 1 and even Sir Elton John. We caught up with Loop to talk about her sound, inspiration and what’s on her rider…

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What first got you interested in making music?

I’ve wanted to be a singer since before I can remember – it was literally all I could ever imagine myself being. I’d listen to Steps, Britney, Christina Aguilera, N*Sync – and just want to emulate all of them. My childhood was basically just made up of choreographing dance routines, writing songs and making everyone watch me put on performances! I must’ve been prettyyy irritating.

Where did the name Loop come from?

It’s my mum’s nickname for me! She called me Georgie-Lou which became Loopy-Lou (somehow) which finally became Loop. She’s been calling me it for years so when I wanted to choose an alias it seemed like the obvious option as I already respond to it and it obviously has lots of musical connotations! Although I have also had quite a few different music producers ask me if it’s ‘cos I’m nuts… I’m usually pretty hyper in studio sessions.

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How would you describe your sound?

Sassy, emotive, pop. I think my lyrics are all pretty empowering and whilst they’re very specific and personal to me, they’re also usually really relatable. I love it when I get listeners responding to my songs saying things like ‘dammnnn this is so me.’ It makes me feel like we’re in a lil club of shared experiences.

What inspires you most, musically and otherwise?

Relationships! My songs are pretty much all about my own personal experiences, whether it be with boys, (predominantly!) friends, family, professional relationships. Unfortunately, ‘what’s bad for your heart is good for your art’ is SO true. Just look at Adele! At least that means when things are sh*t with your personal life, you’re most likely gonna end up with some bangers. Silver lining hey…

How has your sound grown and changed since you first started writing?

My sound has evolved a lot! I used to write much darker, moodier pop, but then I realised that wasn’t really me and I started having more fun with my songs. It’s taken me a while to really hone in on who I want to be musically, but now I’ve found it and it feels so right. My music now is a lot funkier, more conversational almost in its concepts and lyrics, plus I think it’s quite ‘British’ which I take pride in!

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What’s your creative process like?

I’m not sure I have a specific process you know. It’s kinda different from song to song. For the most part, I go into writing sessions with no pre-conceived concept in mind. Even if I’ve got some overriding emotions I know I need to write about, or if something monumental has just happened in my personal life, I like to start with a blank page with the producer so that it’s a collaborative process from the get-go. I’ll take my inspiration for the vibe of the lyrics from the vibe of the beat they start. Then the minute I start to get a melody in my head, the words usually just come at the same time, and then I’m off. Occasionally I’ll go into a session with some lyrics already written that I know I have to get into the song. Or it may just be a couple of words or a phrase or something. I know a lot of writers like to start from a title, but I’ve only ever done that once – which I did like, but it’s definitely not my go-to method of writing. For me, it’s basically just as simple as writing in the moment and seeing what comes out, so it’s always very current and real – whenever I play my friends my demos, they’re like ‘oh my god you can’t put this out – this is too raw/specific!’ Oops.

Tell us all about your most recent track – “Maybe I’m A Liar”

Maybe I’m A Liar is about being in one of those relationships that you know isn’t good for you and that your friends don’t approve of, but you know you’re helpless to resist. It’s about that realisation that actually, why continue beating yourself up about it when you actually really enjoy it?! Take it for what it is – and nothing more – and have fun while it lasts. Like, yes, my friends know what’s best for me, but right now this relationship is actually what I’m wanting in my life, so I’m just gonna go with it until I don’t want it anymore, and then I’ll say bye (on my terms)!

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What’s your live show like?

Fun! We’re still really honing the live set, which is something I’ve absolutely loved every second of up to this point, and I am SO excited to see what 2018 brings in terms of gigs and festivals. My live shows are myself, my keyboard player and my drummer and we play my released stuff and upcoming singles, plus some songs that I’ll probably never release ‘cos they’re a bit different or don’t reflect the route I’m going down now, but songs I still love and which get an amazing reaction when played live. There’s a lot of me bouncing around and making way too many hand gestures and hip movements. I just can’t really stay still when I sing so why fight it you know…

What’s on your rider?

Ha, I haven’t really got a standard rider yet – I’m just happy if I’ve got some lemon, ginger and honey for before I go on stage and some booze for after!

What have you got lined up for 2018?

A lot :) . My new single Give n Take has just come out which has had a great response. Then I’ll be supporting someone (can’t say who yet) on tour, then come the summer I’ll be hitting festival season… I just can’t wait for a year of more writing and performing. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do and now I’m actually living it, I still can’t quite wrap my head around it.

To find out more follow @callmeloop and check out her latest single, ‘Maybe I’m A Liar’ on Spotify and iTunes now.