November 24, 2012

Woooo party season is here… and across the world humble workers prepare themselves for the allusive office party! Such events create memories which will we hold for the rest of our lives… the drunken boss who made a pass at your lover, the shy secretary dancing on the table, stalking your office crush! All the clichés!

So we went hunting for some stories… searching for the secrets! First up a few of our fellow Urban workers…

Thomas – Marketing Manager France

A themed party seemed like a great idea, particularly when one of your colleagues takes it REALLY seriously. He organised everything for us, bought the outfits and planned the whole night ahead… consequently I end up fully dressed as one of Cinderella’s ugly sister! The result is debatable, but made it for good pictures going round the office the days after. And on the other plus side, no one recognises you at the party, so you can behave as you wish. Best bit was certainly getting changed after the party, in the back of the black cab to attend another club where our outfits would have probably been less appreciated…

Simon – Social Media Assistant

Let me set the scene. Twas the night before Christmas and me and my fellow colleagues decided to have festive celebrations in the local pub. It had been snowing for a few previous days, and in result the snow had been trodden down to thick white ice. A few festive double rums and I was feeling confident, snow was no match for me. I decided to do an impression of Bambi on the ice, slipping my legs around, tempting fate whilst remaining in upright control! BOOM! The inevitable occurred. Full on stack! Being a crowded pub garden I was not the only victim. Next to me lay my friends younger sister, I had slain her down! She was hurt, crying, and had somehow managed to pour a glass of wine over her head on the way down! But… alas… for all my might… no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh the chuckle of remorse. She still can’t look me in the eye. I don’t blame her.

Chris – Store Manager UO York

A couple of years ago I was on a night out with everyone from work. Everything was going well until someone suggested we head back to a house party. Unfortunately I woke up the next morning not knowing where I was, with no recollection of leaving town and no phone battery. In order to find my way home I had to scour the house for a phone charger so that I could go on google maps to find out where I was! I was rooting through a room when someone returned from Uni. This person hadn’t been out with us so didn’t have a clue who I was, as you can imagine, I had a lot of explaining to do….

We also asked you out there to send us your best/worst party stories! Here are some of our favorites!

laila Milborrow
“A guy I work with threw up in our boss’s office after sleeping there after the party. We were on placement.”

Amy Deacon
“Last year I took things to far the night before Christmas. Consequently I ended up fainting onto my little brothers presents on Christmas morning. Fail”

Josh Kninnear
“This isn’t party related, but, when I was really little I would get crazy excited about Christmas day. One Xmas eve I thought I saw Father Christmas in my room, I hid under my covers all night in case he caught me and didn’t leave any presents. In result I overheated, dehydrated myself, and spent all Christmas day in bed VERY ill. I was morally destroyed”

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