December 28, 2012

What do you call a man who’s an multi-instrumentalist, Spanish, a producer, born in Madrid, creative buddies with John Talabot, releases real chill house music, tours with the XX, and plays crazy beach parties for NYE? You call him Pional!


Pional’s music is a testament to his skills as both a producer and multi-instrumentalist. On His Latest EP, Last House On the Left (Released on label Permanent Vacation), Pional records all his own sounds, each and every instrument, even his own vocals! His work can be heard to draw influence from the likes of Grizzly Bear, Caribou and Gold Panda, adding distinctive flavour to a genre becoming increasingly popular ! Sound like your cup of tea? Check out our favourite track “Into a Trap”…

Along with his own music, Pional is a prominent remix artist. His work with the likes of Delorean, Pheonix and The XX proove to be hugely popular, is there no end to Pional’s talents? Check out his and John Talabot’s remix of The XX’s single Chained… oosh!

We never let a musician leave without a chat, so here’s a few very short words with the man himself…

What’s your name?
Miguel Barros

And what do you do?
I make music.

Is it fun?

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do your job without?
A cap?…

THE MUSICAL STYLINGS OF PIONAL What’s the maddest thing that’s ever happened on tour?
Eating too much Mexican food minutes before performing to 4000 people. I learned my lesson…

What other musicians do you love?
Solange, The XX, Pharrell, John Talabot…

What song can’t you help dancing to?
Frank Ocean – Pyramid.

THE MUSICAL STYLINGS OF PIONAL How many instruments do you play?
Guitar, bass, drums, piano…

What’ll you be doing for NYE?
I’ll be on the decks at a beach party in north Brazil, Sao Miguel Dos Milagres. I’ve never been to Brazil, so I’m really excited and looking forward to it.

Do you have any party tricks?
No, just play my music and wait for the crowd to enjoy it. There are no tricks.

THE MUSICAL STYLINGS OF PIONAL And what does next year have in store?
Release new music, Ep’s and remixes, plus continue performing as Pional and as part of John Talabot’s Project.

Tell us a joke…
I like Swedish House Mafia.

OOOOHHHH No he didn’t! Behold, Pional made us a Spotify playlist, Get Vibes…

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