January 16, 2013

Tim Sweeney is a cool guy. He started up his own radio show at 18 while we were still singing into hairbrushes (and what?) and has built it into a veritable force of music. He produces, he DJs, he broadcasts… Like we said, he’s a cool guy. Check out the awesome Beats in Space.


We think Tim Sweeney is so cool we have asked him to come DJ at our OU Marble Arch store opening! It’s going to be one hulluva party, with plenty of rad activities planned whilst Tim drops his beats! We caught a few words with the man himself…

Hello Tim Sweeney! Where are you right now?
Hello! I was in Berlin this weekend at Panorama Bar, but back in New York now and preparing for tonight’s radio show.

You’ll be spinning tunes at our UO Marble Arch opening party, what can we expect?… Any party tricks?
I’m definitely full of party tricks. Spraying the crowd with champagne, riding my inflatable boat over top the crowd, and throwing cake. It’s all on my rider!

With presenting a radio show, you get to listen to a whole load of music! But where do you find new records to present to your listeners?
I’m always being bombarded with hundreds of new promo’s and demo’s to listen to each week. But my real preference for finding new music is walking into my favorite record stores and seeing what they have. In New York that means going to to A1 Records, Other Music and Academy Records. In London I always try and make a trip to Phonica Records and Kristina Records.

Who should we look out for in 2013?
Secret Circuit! He’s got a new 12″ record coming out on my Beats In Space label later this month. Also, any new music from Matias Aguayo, Mano Le Tough, Axel Boman, DJ Koze, and Pional to name a few more.

Who’s your favorite DJ of all time?
David Mancuso. The original New York DJ!

Music is banished from the world, all traces of it are destroyed, what do you do with yourself?
Take lots of drugs, meet lots of women, drink too much and repeat.

You have famously been running the show since your days back in college, what advice can you give to people aspiring to work in the radio industry?
Radio, like the record store, seems to be a dying breed, but as long as you keep the quality bar high, there will always people who are interested.


Beats in Space airs out from New York, where do you hang out after the show? Do people party on a Tuesday night?
New York might not have the crazy nightlife of Berlin right now, but there’s always something going on after the show. Lately it’s been going for drinks at my favorite dive bar in the East Village: Lit.

What’s next for Beats in Space? What’s the next level?
This fall I’ll hit my 14th year on the radio in New York, so I definitely want to do some parties for that (already setting up a big one for London!). Plus we’ve got lots of releases lined up for the BIS record label this year. I can’t give out too much info just yet, but first up at the end of this month is Secret Circuit, as I mentioned before.

What does Tim Sweeney do on his day off?
Smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and get in fights.

What a rebel! We asked Tim to cook us up a playlist with tunes he’ll be dropping at the party…

Kindness – Gee Up (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework)

Daphni – Yes

John Talabot – Destiny

Michael Mayer – Good Times

Lindstrom – Eg-ged-osis

Hot Chip – How Do You Do

Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes

Pachanga Boys – Time (Original Mix)

Wanna come party with us on the 31st of January? Get Involved!