January 17, 2013

Welcome to Melody’s Echo Chamber! The solo project of French born singer/songwriter Melody Prochet. The words psychedelic dream pop have never been so exciting…


Melody Prochet is one talented lady. A classically trained musician, multi-instrumentalist and owner of a beautiful singing voice, she can boast a long string of musical endeavors with bands such as Narcoleptic Dancers and My Bees Garden before becoming involved within her Echo Chamber project.

It was her talent and passion that lead her band, My Bees Garden, to support well known scuzzy guitar rockers Tame Impala at a show in Paris. After the show, Melody introduced herself to Impala’s Kevin Parker. Music was discussed, numbers exchanged, and a beautiful musical relationship was born.

The self titled debut album from Melody’s Echo Chamber is the result of these two minds merging, produced by Kevin Parker back home in Australia. Sweet french voice noise, subtle fuzzy guitars, looped beats and avant-garde piano hooks all melt together to create a truly unique psychedelic pop.

Check out some of our favourite tracks from the album (Melody’s Echo Chamber – Released on Weird World)

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Endless Shore

Melody’s Echo Chamber – I Follow You

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bisou Magique..

Always wanting more, we couldn’t resist but have a good chat with Ms.Prochet…

Hey Melody, what are you up to right now?
I was just playing grip ball, also recording some new music for Melody’s Echo Chamber.

How did you get started?
The first song I ever sang for an audience (for my class mates) was ‘Pure Shores’ by All Saints’ when I was 12 or something.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do your job without?

What’s the maddest thing that’s ever happened on tour?
On our last US tour we ran out of fuel in the middle of the desert somewhere in Montana, I thought we’d die there for a second.

What other musicians do you love?
Mac Demarco, Pram, Mulatu Atsasgué, Selda Bagcan, Ty Segall, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Olivier Messiean.

What song can’t you help dancing to?
Selda Bagcan ‘Gitme’

Any musical guilty pleasures?

What’s gonna be big for 2013?
My shell collection.

We’re having a big party for our Marble Arch store soon! Do you have any party tricks?
I have a very flexible right arm, i can twist it completely and it freaks people out. love to do it at parties.

Freaky! And what does next year have in store?
Traveling, recording and sleeping in hammocks!


Très bien! Check out some music Melody digs at the moment…

Ty Segall and White Fence – I’m Not Game

The Silents – Ophelia

Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love

Francoise Hardy – Voila

Mac De Marco – Cooking Up Something Good

The Nazz – Forget

Are you a fan of Melody’s Echo Chamber? Let us know in the comments below…