February 8, 2013

Oh the sweet sounds of California, bringing warmth to the soul in these chilly months. Not to be confused with the small west cost town in Orange County (Cayocos), Cayucas are in fact the musical project of singer songwriter Zach Yudin, and he’s bringing California rock back in a big way!


Cayucas are everything a California band should be: upbeat, feelgood, and predominantly singing songs about girls and cars. Yeah we know, you’re all thinking Beach Boys right now, and you’d be correct, no doubt Zach and his gang took some influence from the original California rock band. But throw in some early Vampire Weekend, a sprinkle of pop hook, then top it off with a cold beer and lime, and you have yourself some totally rad summer rock going on in your ears.

Check out latest single High School Lover, taken from the soon-to-be-released debut album Bigfoot (April 30th on Secretly Canadian Records). Oh, and see if you can spot Zach’s twin brother doing his part for the band…

Want some more California vibes? This should hit the spot!

We exchanged some words with Zach, here’s what went down…

What do you do Zach?
I sing & write music for a band called Cayucas.

Is it fun?
Yeah, I enjoy it. I like writing music the most, having finished songs.

How did you get started?
I started writing songs in my bedroom, using an acoustic guitar and sampling old vinyl. Came up with some catchy phrases to go on top, and this morphed into Cayucas.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t do your job without?
A guitar probably, if I had to choose one thing. But a laptop is nice for details.


What other musicians do you love?
Other musicians I love… that’s tough … Mike Love is definitely one guy I really like. The way he points to the crowd, I’m trying to work that into my repertoire.

What song can’t you help dancing to?
Usually something cheesy like NKOTB, that one move where they jump with their legs apart and then bring them back in. It’s hard to explain. I could show you…

Yes please! Any musical guilty pleasures?
Taylor Swift’s first album.

The guiltiest pleasure of them all! How many instruments do you play?
I play a little of everything ok, except drums, but singing is my main instrument.

Do you have any party tricks?
I can say the alphabet backwards… quickly.

And what does next year have in store?
We are going on tour with Ra Ra riot in February. Plan on playing SXSW, also, the album will be released in Spring 2013.


Cayucas are undoubtedly a band to watch out for as soon as those summer months hit home. And what’s more, Zach currated us an awesome Spotify playlist based on songs all about California. Sunshine for your mind…

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