February 9, 2013

Big up nostalgia, the good old days when toys were such simplistic bliss. After spending a lot of time with vintage toy collector Bobby for our UO Marble Arch party, we here at UO HQ got hunting for toy related childhood memories. Little did we know that this journey would take us into the depths of hilarious and oh-so cheesy toy commercials…

Are you ready? Here are some of our favorites.

Action Man

The greatest hero of them all! This old school video is a young man’s delight, crazy action scenes with a plastic figurine. Video highlight is the shifty eyes between 9 – 11 seconds.


Rock n’ Roll Barbie showing her age here with the whole hair rock movement. Video highlight is the crazy arm dance 15 – 20 seconds.

Hot Wheels

Hot wheels are awesome, we know this because the kid in this video looks super stoked about his little collection. Video highlights throughout with epic voice commentary.

Care Bears

This video is totally bizarre, making out Care Bears are a fully fledged member of the family. The voice over guy wins top prize for most patronising tone ever known to advertising.

My Little Pony

Nowadays you can play online games with millions of people across the world. Back in the day you could rub and pony’s butt and it would change colour. We have no idea what kind of social insight we’re trying to provide here, it just looks funny!


What the hell is a Boglin? Who knows, but we guess being a young man with one of these attached to your hand made you pretty much invincible! Video Highlight at 20 seconds, growl for the camera kid.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Hands down the most concerning kids toy advert we could find. Adoption papers, birth certificates, and to top of it a pledge to good parenting under oath. It’s all too much…

The Slinky

Be warned, watching this video will result in one catchy toy tune taking over your brain for a few hours. Everybody loves a slinky…

What toys did you play with as a kid? Let us know in the comments below…