February 13, 2013

Behind each and every UO team member lurks a hidden talent. Be it Art, illustration, music or design, mad skills are everywhere. These individuals are what we keep the UO cogs whirring, new and creative ideas flow like beer at a store party, smooth and tasty. We have so much respect for these talented people we can’t help but share them with you, so you can really understand what working at Urban Outfitters is all about.


Today we take a look at Tim Leesam, womenswear team leader by day, post-rock ambient noise maker by night. Tim has had huge success in his band Blueneck, releasing albums, touring Europe, and smashing out huge hits across Youtube. All whilst remaining a dedicated team player here at UO.

Check out Blueneck’s biggest hit Lilitu…

Tim was kind enough to share a few words about his double life. Here’s what was said…

Hey Tim, your a womenswear team leader at UO Bath, what does this mean?
I spend a lot of time supervising and training the other staff on my team. I also work a lot with placement of items in our department. It’s quite varied day to day.

Where are you from?
A small town in Somerset called Frome.

What’s the best thing about the city?
I defiantly think the best thing about Bath is the architecture it’s easy to forget about when you have been there for a while but I think it is pretty amazing.

And about Urban Outfitters?
I think the best thing about Urban Outfitters is how the stores look, it’s interesting how different each store looks from each other, and learning about time and effort put into making them that way.

Where are you right now?
I am in my living room sat on my sofa.

How did Blueneck start?
Blueneck actually started a while before I was in the band I am not too sure how, I think it was just friends with similar music tastes.


Did you anticipate the success that has been generated since Blueneck formed? Reaching over 500,000 views on YouTube is a huge deal!
I wasn’t in the band when it started so I heard it first as an outsider and thought it was amazing. I have never had any doubts about how far Blueneck could go.

Where did the idea of a soundtrack themed album come from for Epilogue?
I guess it was always a fairly natural step from what Blueneck was doing before. It always sounded like a soundtrack, why not see how far it could be taken in that direction.

If you were able to create a soundtrack for a film, either past or present, what would it be?
That’s a hard question! I was watching the Graduate the other day and I was thinking “I wonder how sinister this film would feel with a different soundtrack”. I would like to do something like the idea of trying to add a different dimension to the story that is being told.

Touring through Europe must have been a life changing experience, what has been your highlight?
Personally for me it is all about playing live.


What’s the craziest thing that has happened on tour?
Not with Blueneck, but years ago I was on tour and my bassist was kicked out of the venue 15 minutes before we were due to play, he too wasted to stand up. I had to plead with the bar manager to let him back in.

What venue/country has so far been most memorable?
I just really like the traveling between places. I love putting my headphones in and looking out the window trying to take in as much as I can with my eyes.

What does this year have in store for Blueneck?
Well our singer Dunk has had a baby Just before Christmas, so it is all very quiet at the moment but we are demoing tracks for the next album.

Thanks Tim. Here’s another Blueneck tune for your ears.

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