March 28, 2013

Ever wondered what it is like to intern at Urban Outfitters? Looking for the insider knowledge on how to land experience in your favourite workplace? Well we’re all about finding awesome talent here at UO, offering the opportunity to learn for all whom study at university…

To give you a taste we’ve gone and interviewed three of our fabulous interns! Scroll down, av’ a look and listen in on how they landed some valuable Urban experience.

Yo, This is Phillippa, Our Houseware Buying intern!


How did you end up interning for Urban Outfitters?
Well, this is my second placement of my current year out of interning. I heard about the internship whilst I was completing another placement. My Uni emailed me before Christmas and suggested that I apply, as they knew I was interested… So I did. I had my interview and they called me the same day to say I had got it!

What does a typical day interning with the Buying team involve?
I’m usually chasing people to get stock in on time and ordering products for stores. The best bit is going out to shows and looking for new products. I’ve learnt a lot! I’ve been given loads of responsibility and everyone has been very patient with me. I don’t feel like an intern at all.


What do you do outside of Urban Life?
I am currently studying Fashion and Textile Management at Nottingham Trent University.

Dream Job?
If I don’t end up working within the Fashion industry, then I am – for sure, moving to the Caribbean and selling fruit on the beach. It would be so beautiful and I’d be constantly tanned!

Favourite London hangouts?
Mahiki, Paper Dress Vintage – Shoreditch & The Royal Garden Hotel.

Let us introduce you to our Social Media intern Nicola…


How did the opportunity come around to intern for UO?
I study Fashion Promotion at UCA, within the second year of studies they give students the chance to intern for three months. I applied at Urban Outfitters with an email address given to me by my tutor, I had an interview and here I am now.

How would you describe a working day at UO HQ and what do you actually do?
I monitor UO’s social channels which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I attend Marketing meetings (which are always interesting), contribute blog ideas, admin reporting and answer customer queries.

You are currently studying Fashion Promotion? What does that entail?
It includes a large range of Fashion studies, Marketing, PR, Styling, Journalism, Art Direction and Trend Reporting.


Dream Job?
I don’t really have one? Possibly working within a Marketing team for a really high-end brand like Mulberry or Alexander Wang!

Any advice for our readers?
If you are interested in pursuing a career in Fashion, definitely intern! It’s an invaluable way to gain experience and gain new contacts with industry professionals.

Last but not least… Ellie, intern to the Menswear Buyers!


How did the opportunity come around to intern at Urban?
I decided to take a year out to explore job opportunities! It ended up being more difficult than I originally anticipated, however I managed to land myself an internship with Urban. JOY!

How would you describe a working day at UO? What do you do?
My main jobs as an intern are to chase intake, which involves being in contact with suppliers and asking them to book in their orders so they are delivered into our warehouse on time. I organise samples to be sent to web to be shot for the website, and in general I try to keep samples organised! (Easier said than done!) I raise orders on the system and send weekly updates to stores on how products should be displayed and how sales are doing. The most fun things to do are going to appointments with suppliers, and helping the team with design decisions on new products!

You are currently studying Textile Design? What does that involve?
It mainly encompasses creating fabric samples for fashion outcomes or interior settings. I specialize in embroidery therefore it includes a lot of intense machine work! But I also use digital print, lazer cutting, and a wide range of other processes. As well as a heavy work load, and tonnes of stress, I do enjoy it!


Dream Job?
I am unsure of what my dream job is! Some days I think I want to do buying, and others I am set on design!

Where are your favourite hangouts in London?
I don’t live in London therefore I don’t have a huge array of places I go regularly! One of my fave places to go to eat is Bills Restaurant in Soho, it does the best breakfast ever! Usually when I am in London for anything other than work, I just go on crazy shopping sprees! The both recent Valentino exhibition and the Tim Walker Exhibition at Somerset House were amazing! I like going to gigs when they are on, that is what I tend to save my money for! I Really want to go to the Found Festival in Shoreditch this summer.


Any advice for our readers?
The only advice I could give is that since doing Internships I have grown so much more confidence, and learnt so much! If you can save money to do them, make sure you choose wisely where you want to work. Before you graduate, it is important to have awareness of what jobs are available.

Thank you girls!