March 27, 2013

Wes Anderson is without the doubt the cult film king. From Bottle Rocket to Moonrise Kingdom his films have hit an aesthetic niche, gaining him a dedicated fan-base obsessed with his films.

Us UO gang are crazy about Wes, but just how crazy? Crazy enough to hit up a cinema showing five of his most popular films back to back in a nine-hour stretch? Yeah we’re down with that, so we did it. Here’s how it worked out..



We arrive at the cinema to find a gang of hardcore Wes fans waiting to grab a seat inside. Red Zissou hats by the dozen, a few individuals dressed as characters from the films, even a couple ready prepared in their pajamas for the long night ahead. An eclectic mix of film eccentrics. We file inside for free popcorn and take our seats in a screen suited for 50 hardcore film fans. We await our Anderson fate.


9.30pm – Bottle Rocket

The first of Wes Anderson’s films graces the screen. A strong smell of homemade brownies and the contents of hip flasks fill the air. Each and every person seems to have their own devices for survival, rooting deep into rucksacks to reveal hidden sweets and un-known liquids. Wes’s first film, Bottle Rocket, is no laugh-a-minute but the origins of his style start here. The fresh faced/admiring crowd enjoy the kick-off to this cinematic experience. “On the run from Johnny Law… ain’t no trip to Cleveland.”


11.30pm – Rushmore

After a small break in-between the credits for people to stretch their legs, the opening scenes of Rushmore commence. Noted as Anderson’s first successful feature film we see the debut use of Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman working as an unlikely comedy duo, a story of young teen lust battling the elements of a quirky personality. The audience response is now lively and animated, a well-crafted dialogue keeping us all gripped and amused. “Sic Transit Gloria – Glory Fades”.


1.30am – The Royal Tenenbaums

Another opportunity to grab some air outside the cinema entrance. A few tired faces begin to appear but the vibe still runs fluid and excitable. Midnight drunks stumble past and a feeling of isolation rushes over, alienation to the outside world, has the cinema placed itself as a temporary home in our minds? We file back inside to safety.

The Royal Tenenbaums rolls and a relaxed atmosphere presents itself: Friends whisper amongst themselves, others get friendly with their seated neighbors, the minds of many distracted from the poetry of images happening before their very eyes. The cast of Wes’s film start to become familiar, an interesting way to observe how these talented actors change roles within his various projects. “Anybody interested in grabbing a couple of burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?”


3.00am (ish) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The streets outside are now empty, only a few party stragglers limp past our army of red hats who stand silent for a fill of fresh air. It is now we begin to notice the task we have taken upon ourselves, that all to familiar longing for your own bed, sleep deprived delirium-playing tricks on your mind. For some it’s all too much and a select few disappear into the night, damn quitters, they’ll never know.

Inside a few lucky Wes fans use the spare seats for bedding. We take our place and ready ourselves for our favourite Wes film The Life Aquatic! A loud cheer greats the opening scene, the lo-fi music spurring a few head bops. This film sees Bill Murray steal the show with his brash humour and no-nonsense wit, spurring delirious laughter from a crowd so tired the smallest of details seem hilarious. Others succumb to an urge to sleep; random snores, mumbling, and tilted heads sneak out from all directions. “Who the sh!t is Kingsley Zissou?”


4.30am (ish) The Darjeeling Limited

The seats become emptier and conversations all but disappear as the fifth Wes film begins. Bill Murray rushes through a hectic Indian highway and…

End credits roll as we awake to realise we missed 90% of The Darjeeling Limited. It would seem we failed our quest to survive nine solid hours of Wes Anderson delights. Oh the unmerciful shame!


6.30am (ish)

We leave the cinema to find dawn. It’s a strange sensation to enter a cinema in the dark of night, and then leave to the light of day. No doubt it’s taken all who survived a few days to adjust to a regular and un-anderson way of life.


Ever tried a similar experiment? Let us know in the comments below.

Also why not bag yourself your own Zissou-esque red beanie…