March 29, 2013

Introducing The Growlers, a band of men hailing from Costa Mesta, California. With a sound self-described as “Beach Goth”, we were instantly intrigued to what the Growlers were all about. We went about our UO way to grab an interview with the band, nudged them to create a Spotify playlist and then listened to a ton of their tunes to get ourselves into that dark surfer mood.


With three albums under their belt, the most recent by the name of Hung at Heart, The Growlers are surfing the exciting revival wave that is 60s psychedelia. Reverb, distortion, skiffle beats and twanging bass lines all appropriately feature within their sound, but the unlikely edge to all their attributes lies within an undercurrent of dark lyrical content. The topic of death is familiar theme, and combined with hazy guitars and obscure rhythm it only takes a few seconds of each song before an eerie mood to takes hold of you.

It’s goes without saying that within a genre that can already boast the likes of Cayucas and Foxygen (bands with a more lighthearted approach to the 60s sound) The Growlers are holding their own in a scene reemerging to the alternative charts.

Alas, we’re now fully into The Growlers! So what else could we do other than have a quick chat whilst they were on tour in America…

Hello Growlers! Where are you right now?

You guys seem to be on the road a helluva lot, what do you do to pass time between each show?
Sadly we drive to each show and that takes up most of the time. So car stuff, reading and bullshitting if we have time. Also we like to swim anywhere we can, or see something pretty, like a park.

You’ll soon be touring across the pond in Europe, which country are you most looking forward to visit?
The only country in Europe we’ve been to as a band is England, so we’re looking forward to all of em’, but mostly Spain. The surf and the language are reminiscent to home.


There are many bands finding influence from the 60’s at the moment, predominately focusing on the lighter side of this generation. What would you say inspired your darker interpretation on this genre?
Darker music feels less cheesy some times, and talking about death is healthy and realistic. The message isn’t 60′s but our instruments are.

If you were to live the life of any other person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
That’s sad. I don’t want to live someone else’s life, I’m thankful for mine! But for a day? Ford Archbold!


You’re originally from California. What do you guys do to chill out over there? Where do you like to hang?
At home mostly because we miss it so much on the road. Every day we surf and eat Mexican food.

You have been described as trendsetters when it comes to your fashion sense, where do you find your threads?
Second hand stores or thrift stores. We wont buy new clothes. Recycled clothing is the only way to go. It’s cheap, original, old (built well) and you’re donating to a good cause.


What’s the most insane thing to happen to you whilst on the stage performing?
I got stung in the throat by a bee while singing! Other then that… lots of titties and dicks.

Tell us something exciting that’s happening with The Growlers this year…
Going to Europe is exciting for us, and for our fans? Also. We’re gonna make records.

Respect to The Growlers and their care free vibes. Now check out their Spotify playlist full with growlerish noise.

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