April 20, 2013

You’re about to listen to AlunaGeorge, the innovative pop duo from London. With the muso world tipping AG for great success (stemming from a string of hits including “Your Drum Your Love” and latest single “Attracting Flies”), we take a look into why their sound is causing such a stir in anticipation of the Debut album (Body Music : out July 1st) , as well hitting up a good old Urban interview.

Let us strip back and discuss what’s going on here. Remove all vocals from AG’s songs and you’d be left with George’s experimental pop infusion. Smooth samples, melodic ambience, chilled vibes merged with electronic beats that create a soundscape worthy of its own stage. Flip it vice versa and remove all music. Aluna’s unique tone provides an edge of innocence, crafting sweet harmonies and telling tales of troubled love. These two sounds combined create all that is great about AlunaGeorge, two diverse ingredients, mixed and stirred to bake one tasty 2-step garage creation.


Now for our UO interview. Find out how these guys met and who would win in an arm wrestle…

UO: AlunaGeorge, we’re hearing your name all over the place right now – are you mega busy?

G: Yeah pretty busy, just gearing up for our first European tour and this festival season.

A: Yeah we’re doing a lot, all different stuff and often for the first time so it’s fun and crazy and strange.

UO: What kind of music do you make?

A: We try and weld together interesting intricate beats and sounds with more traditional song structures and strong melodies.

G: Eclectic beats and sounds with songs over the top.

UO:And who does what?

G: I do the production in the music and Aluna sings the songs.


UO: How did you meet?

G: I Messaged Aluna’s old band over Myspace a couple of years ago offering to do a remix for them and that worked out so we just started writing together and here we are.

UO:And how long have you been making music for?

A: Just over three years now, but that’s also how long we’ve known each other!

UO: What’s been your proudest moment to date?

A: For me it was getting the words right to “this is how we do it” the first time we played it – it started off as a joke so I pretty much peed my pants when we had to do it for real.

G: My parents hearing our music on the radio was pretty special.


UO: Who’d win in a fight?

A: I have a freak out mode, which George doesn’t like much so he might just leave.

UO: An arm wrestle?

A: Me, every time, I might be skin and bone but I know how to cheat.

G: Me.

UO: A dance-off..?

A: Again me – I am queen of the dance and my head is so large it will knock George off the dance floor.

G: Aluna.

UO: If you could cast a spell on anybody, who would it be and what would it be?

A: Right…ummm…I would cast a spell on Johnny Depp and make him my slave.

G: Could I put it on myself to be awesome all the time?


UO: What are you scared of?

A: Heights.

G: Flies in enclosed spaces, no real rational reason they just creep me out.

UO: Do you have nicknames?

G: Aluna gets called Cod-Belly from time to time.

A: Cod-belly. Don’t ask.

UO: What song can you not help but dance to?

A: Dare by the Gorillaz.

G: Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”.

UO: And what song do you secretly love?

A: Girlfriend by N Sync.

G: If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret.


UO: Can you sum each other up in three words?

A: George = The G man.

G: Aluna = Talented, wonderful, late.

UO: Where are you right now?

A: On my sofa.

G: In our studio in west London.

UO: And where’s home?

A: Londaaaan.

G: Hampton Court.


UO: Where’s the best place in the world?

A: Londaaaan.

UO: What gets you really excited?

A: Food food and more food.

G: Writing a piece of music that is excellent to listen to.

UO: What are your favourite words?

A: Circumference, booty and shan-na-na-neese.

UO:Tell us a joke…

A: I really, really-really, can’t tell jokes.


We’re hooked! Are you? Let us know in the comments below…