April 24, 2013

First we got her to perform at our Berlin Store and now we’re all hooked on her sound. Soon we realized that there is not much we know about the beautiful and talented LARY. Someone spread the rumor that she was bitten by a radioactive chanson singer which explains her angelic voice but these rumors were soon to be unfounded. How did she get into music? What inspires her? You’re about to find out.

UO: Who are you?

L: Well my Wanted Poster says my name is LARY, I’m a singer and I was born and raised in Germany. But I guess I’m still trying to figure out who I am. Making music and writing songs helps.

UO: You kinda invented this new genre: Future Deutsche Welle. Can you tell us some more?

L: I couldn’t fit my music into any other genre so I just had to come up with a new one… not that I’m a big fan of labeling music. I’m definitely influenced by that whole electric lo fi wavey RnB music, and I’m very into the rock of the 60s and pop of the 90s, I think my sound reflects this pretty well. But there’s more to it than just the music, it’s a new age for aspiring musicians/singers in Germany and the FDW is also describing this movement.


UO: It’S not very common to hear German lyrics with this kind of beat setup. What made you sing in German?

L: Half of my family speaks English and the other half German, but I grew up speaking German. I think, feel and I dream in German so when I started writing on the album it just felt right to do it in German. My poetry is different in English. Also, I want to be at the club and sing along to a song out loud in German. How do you write your songs / in what state are you when you write songs? …Confused, I guess. Mostly confused. *Laughs*. When I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. But usually I write with a certain sound vision. Usually I sit down with my producer in the studio and beat making and song writing happens simultaneously.

UO: Do you make your own beats as well?

L: At the moment I only work with the Beatgees (from Berlin) and they’re killing it. It’s a producer collective and they definitely helped me finding and creating my own sound. Very good guys…


UO: When can we expect an official release?

L: I’m planning to release an EP after this summer…maybe late August / September. But these things always take time I don’t want to say too much at this point.

UO: Anything else in the making?

L: I also do a lot of shit at the same time. I’m currently working on a remix of SYSTEM which is gonna be awesome. I’m doing more videos; we just had a shoot in Paris which was really cool. But then I’m also knee deep into the whole Fashion thing, I model part-time, it’s all kind of coming together right now.


UO: MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who is your favorite Power Ranger?

L: We only talk Power Rangers up to the Green Ranger I suppose, because the white one doesn’t really count, does he? I have to say Jason…Red and just because of the color. They should come up with a new one though. A Power Ranger with every color of the rainbow…the Rainbow Ranger.

UO: If you could get a feature with any artist out there, who would it be? L: Anyone? Ah that’s so tough. From the musical aspect alone I’d say Nina Hagen, I love Nina Hagen, she’s so inspiring it’s crazy. Daft Punk are great too. I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to an album that much.


UO: What’s the most embarrassing CD you ever bought?

L: I have to say I was really young at this point: Haddaway – What is love? To be honest though, I don’t consider any music “embarrassing”, all music has it’s right to exist. It’s all part of one’s journey, even if you have a really embarrassing tattoo, it’s just a part of you and who you used to be, we all grow and learn I our own time. Fuck it.


Now check out LARY’s Spotify playlist. Personally named “driving in cars at night”…

Booooom! Yes LARY!

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