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Even in all its glory, the traditional Christmas tree just isn’t for everyone. Mix it up a little this festive season with our favourite alternative trees.
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6 EPIC Alternative Christmas Trees

Even in all its glory, the traditional Christmas tree just isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re totally skint from buying gifts, working with a really small space or you’re anti-the-pine or plastic varieties – we’ve got 6 EPIC tree ideas for you. Get creative and make a statement – here’s how…  



1. The Book Tree


1. Tear the pages out of old, unused books or visit a local charity shop to pick some up. Old music books work really well! 


2. If you can’t find naturally aged books, create a subtle stain using cooled down tea (just like you used to back in school). Simply brush or dab the tea bag over the pages until the paper has an aged, rustic look to it, or you can even mix in a few coffee grains to create a darker stain. This is also great for adding a crinkled texture to your pages.


3. Once your pages are dry, use blue tack to position them on the wall. Play around with the order a little. Be sure to overlap and layer them to create a rough tree shape. 


TOP TIP: If you’re living in rented accommodation or uni digs, you might want to use Command Strips instead of blu tack, these magic little strips won’t leave any greasy marks behind!


5. Add fairy lights to define your tree shape and add a decoration of your choice to the top. We chose a framed Polaroid picture of our team for ours, but if you don’t want a selfie of your colleagues on your Christmas tree, (why not?!) add a decoration, card or whatever you fancy. Voila!


TOP TIP: Experiment with different arrangements at the base of your book tree. A stack of books makes a great alternative pot and works well to compliment the theme. Or decorate the base with plant pots alongside festive candles to add a spot of greenery. Complete the entire set-up with gifts ready and wrapped in brown paper tied with string. Then take a pic for Pinterest.


2. The Hanging Tree


1. Source your branches. Go for a festive walk in the woods, keep an eye out for fallen branches and thick twigs in your garden or try a garden centre for surplus offcuts. As the tree is going to be hanging, consider the weight carefully when looking at the size of your tree branches. 


2. Once you’ve sourced the right sized branches for your space, start by cutting the length of your bottom branch, ensuring that it’s an appropriate size for your wall. 



3. Cut the rest of your wood slightly smaller than the last branch to create your hanging tree shape. 


4. Lay out your branches with enough space to hang your your enviable array of UO ornaments! Use natural hemp or twine string (both can be found in your local garden centre) to tie them in place, and leave a loop at the top.


5. Ensure each branch is secure and level so that your tree hangs straight. Wonky trees aren’t chic.


6. Hang, decorate, add to IG stories. Go off piste – why go traditional when you can create a tree which practically sings ‘these are a few of my favourite things’ ? We’re talking avocado on toast (the millennial dream), flying pigs, sausage dogs, Diet Coke cans, almond milk, sushi rolls, bagel baubles and tequila toppers. This isn’t just any Christmas tree, this is a UO Christmas tree.


3. The Cactus Tree


Sweet and simple – this cactus is perfect if you don’t have the time, space or energy to be hoovering up pine needles for the next month. Make use of the cacti you already have and give your prickly pal a festive make over, or pop to your local UO store to pick one up in our Grow section!


We went for an OTT-Willy Wonka style Christmas cacti by covering the base in nuts and candy canes, and leaving Santa Sloth and our boozy baubles to bring the party to our favourite plant. Add tinsel and fairy lights to create a truly seasonal succulent.




4. The Shelf Tree


1. The Triangle Shelf is a great little storage solution all year round, but it also makes for a fab little alternative Christmas tree for smaller spaces. So it’s a total investment and a sustainable solution year after year. Win win, right? 


2. Once you’ve hung the shelf, it’s all in the decoration. Grab some foliage to wrap around the frame, drape fairy lights across the base, stack hand-wrapped gifts or cover in Christmas ornaments – the possibilities are endless!


4. Once everything is in place, hang candy canes or Christmas stockings from the bottom and top it with your favourite tree topper!


TOP TIP: Candles look really beautiful in the centre and emit that cosy, festive glow. Just grab a blanket, selection box and Home Alone and you’re good to hibernate until January. 




5. The Branch Tree


1. First of all, you’ll need to source some miniature branches. If you’re not too keen on hunting out your own, head down to your local garden centre and look out for birch twigs or off-cuts.


2. Feed some delicate fairy lights into a clear vase or planter to illuminate your twigs.


3. Add your branches and arrange. Decorate with statement fairy lights like these copper geo cage lights or paper lantern ones, or wrap with foliage and clip with Polaroid pics for a contemporary twist.


5. This tree is perfect for hallway tables, bedrooms and fireplaces. Experiment with books, terrariums, candles and little festive parcels around the base to complete your romantically rustic Christmas tree.



TOP TIP: Use tiny wire ties to hold everything into place – sandwich bag ties from any supermarket work great!


This idea also works well as an additional tree if you want a twinkling tree in every room! It’s also super cost effective and great way to use fallen twigs rather than a fir tree. What’s not to love?




6. Mini Fir Tree


Short on space or like the idea of a little forest in your home? Us too. So you’ll find these adorable mini fir trees in most UO stores.


Simply wrap some brown paper around the base of the tree and tie with string. Stand back and admire your hard work with a sloth hug mug of hot chocolate and loads of chocolate.


TOP TIP: Use white spray paint to snow tip your trees. After all, winter is coming.




Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the decs and create your very own alternative Christmas tree right now!