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We caught up with author of The Crystal Code, Tamara Driessen, to get the lowdown on how crystals work and how to use them to improve your wellbeing.
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A Guide To Crystals with Tamara Driessen (@__wolfsister)

Crystals: Everything You Need to Know by @__wolfsister

Crystals have been used for thousands of years as a source of healing and positive energy. But do they really work? How do they work and where to begin? Author of The Crystal Code, Tamara Driessen (@__wolfsister) debunks the common misconceptions and myths and reveals everything you need to know about the power of crystals.


A Guide To Crystals with Tamara Driessen aka @__wolfsister



So Tamara, how have crystals personally benefitted your life and what changes have you experienced?


Crystals have been a tool for support over the years; they’ve helped me to overcome anxiety and depression, feel more confident, sleep better, turn up the volume to my intuition, release unwanted energy, attract relationships and opportunities, and ultimately, make positive changes in my life to get to where I am today.



So how do crystals actually work? 


Crystals, like everything, are energy. They emit their own subtle vibration that can influence us through a process called ‘entrainment’. Think of when you hear a song and how it makes you feel; you might even notice that it changes your mood. That’s entrainment in action. Crystals work in a similar way. When you slow down enough, you can sense the difference between how you feel with and without the crystal. Working with crystals gives you the opportunity to choose or enhance the energy/feeling that you want to experience. You could think of them as (energetic) supplements to give you a boost.





It's a bit like dating on an app; the person sounds like Cupid's struck gold on their profile but when you actually meet them in-person the spark isn't there.


So interesting! But where to begin? 


The best place to start with crystals is to choose one crystal and make the time to get to know it and view your life through its lens. Crystals are like cosmic life coaches, each will have it’s own spin on your situation and ‘advice’ on how to move forward. For example: if you’re drawn to Rose Quartz which represents love, then perhaps consider how you can bring more kindness and compassion to your situation? It could be something as simple as saying to yourself “I choose to see this with love” and taking a few deep breaths when you’re getting stressed or overwhelmed, before you react or respond. Think: what does your crystal represent and what advice might it give you? 



Are there any common myths or popular misconceptions associated with the use of crystals? 


There are a lot of crystals that are known for their specific qualities, for example Citrine for confidence and abundance. I’ve noticed that a lot of people will choose a crystal based on what they’ve heard it’s good for, rather than if they’re actually attracted to it. It’s a bit like dating on an app; the person sounds like Cupid’s struck gold on their profile but when you actually meet them in-person the spark isn’t there. There are crystals that are generically recommended for a particular reasons; like, Amethyst for anxiety but there’s a wide spectrum of causes for anxiety which might be better remedied by another crystal. When you choose a crystal based on what you’re drawn to and then look them up, you’ll find the crystal that knows exactly what you need. 



A Guide To Crystals with Tamara Driessen (@__wolfsister)
A Guide To Crystals with Tamara Driessen (@__wolfsister)



Do you need to purify your crystals or are there certain rituals to be aware of that make them more effective? 


People often wonder why their crystals aren’t working and it’s usually because they haven’t taken the time to connect with them. Crystals are constantly absorbing and transforming energy and they can get sluggish if they’re neglected. Giving your crystals some TLC by purifying and charging them (by putting them out in nature; try putting your crystals outside or on your windowsill when it’s a full moon to give them a boost) and following certain rituals like setting an intention and asking them to support you with something specific, can definitely make them more effective. If you treat them right, you’ll see the difference. 



What made you want to write The Crystal Code? Is there more we can learn from reading it? 


I wrote The Crystal Code because I wanted to create a resource for people who wanted to get more out of their crystals because it isn’t just about knowing what they’re good for; it’s what you do with them that counts. I’ve been working as a crystal healer and leading crystal healing workshops for a while and have been blown away by what happens (in my own and others experience) when you connect with your crystals – beyond tucking them in your bra, keeping them in your pocket or leaving them gather dust on your bedside table – the real healing begins when you intentionally connect with them through meditation and rituals. That’s why I’ve included simple practices for the reader to guide them to trust their intuition, create space to feel their feelings and be supported to make positive changes in their life. The book also contains answers to all of the questions that I frequently get asked and things that I practice regularly to get the maximum benefit of crystals. 



A Guide To Crystals with Tamara Driessen (@__wolfsister)
A Guide To Crystals with Tamara Driessen (@__wolfsister)



How has the book been received? Have you heard any interesting stories of how crystals have had an impact on readers since they’ve read the book?  


It’s wild hearing from people around the world who’ve been reading The Crystal Code and their experiences. People have been tagging me in their Instagram posts and I love seeing everyone’s crystal collections and how they’re bringing the book to life. The feedback is usually how relatable the book is and that it’s easy to understand, and that they’re feeling more connected to their crystals and inspired; which is so good to know!


Some people have also been working with The Crystal Code as an oracle which is something that I suggest in the book; all you need to do is open the book at random and see which crystal you land on for some daily guidance. It’s a great way to work with the book because it means you don’t need to own every crystal there is; you can just take the wisdom from the page and receive the support that way. It’s fun to see how accurate it can be.  



Interested in harnessing the power of crystals? Check out The Crystal Code and follow Tamara at @__wolfsister to get started!