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Berlin-based creative Ebba Zingmark creates a series of dynamic AW18 looks using her favourite picks from the HALO brand collections.
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How To Style The Fashion Week Edit with @ebbazingmark

4 Tonal Looks We Love by @ebbazingmark

Did you know that Urban Outfitters offers a carefully curated edit of collections from internationally renowned designers? We like to call them our Halo brands. Here, Berlin-based creative Ebba Zingmark (@ebbazingmark) mixes her favourite halo brand picks with new season UO staples to create four tonal-inspired looks for the season ahead. Say hello to luxe textures, print clashes and teal, lilac and rust tones.


Styling The Fashion Week Edit with @ebbazingmark

Were you surprised to discover our curated edit of designer collections? Were you a fan of any of the featured internationally renowned designers before? 


The ‘Fashion Week Edit’ that UO champions each season was actually a totally new concept to me, but I love it! I’m a big fan of mixing high end with laid-back streetwear. One thing that came to my attention when looking through the collections was the exceptionally wide range of creative and inspiring pieces – something I look for when selecting pieces for my own wardrobe. I was aware of some of the featured designers before but some were totally new to me. I’m so glad I’m now aware of them all though! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on Angel Chen and Fleamadonna from now on, for instance.



How often do you mix one off, limited edition pieces with new season staples? 


As much as I can! I’m a firm believer in having contrasting pieces within your wardrobe, as it allows you to create a range of interesting outfits and looks. 



Do you go shopping looking for pieces to invest in or do you prefer garments that can be picked up easily on the high street? 


I don’t have really any specific strategy when I go shopping. I usually base my decisions on how I’m feeling that day. This, of course, means that a shopping spree will end up going totally different depending on which day I go and which mood I’m in. As a result, I guess my wardrobe is a combination of investment pieces and high street garments!  



Can you tell us a little bit about your process in building and styling these looks? 


I’ve always been totally fascinated by colours. My style and the clothes I wear are very affected by my relation to different colours. Sometimes, I just get a very specific nuance or a colour combination in my head – it’s the same feeling as when you get a specific song stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out, you know? I guess these outfits centre around colours that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Lilac, rust, burnt orange, teal and beige are colours I can’t get enough of at the minute. I’m SO obsessed with lilac right now. The combination of lilac and beige literally gives me goosebumps!



Tonal dressing is set to be pretty big this season. What are your tips for mastering the trend? 


Don’t waste your time trying to find all the garments you want for your look in exactly the same shade. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit and embrace mismatching shades of the same colour. For example, a warm, dark lilac can look super cool with a bright lilac! It might even create a sense of depth within the look. You can’t really go too wrong!



Your outfits look seemingly effortless, yet high fashion. What’s your secret? 


Thank you! As I’ve touched on before, creating a contrast is key. I think it’s way more interesting to hand pick garments from a wide range of sources, than it is to dress head-to-toe in clothes from the same place. That means sourcing your garments from flea markets, the high street, emerging designers and esteemed high-end brands. Just because you’re sporting a luxe designer handbag, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it with the vintage oversized coat you inherited from a relative and the trainers you found at your local charity shop. You just have to make sure that the pieces you select look good together. 



What three autumn/winter wardrobe staples do you never tire of wearing every year? 


My first winter wardrobe staple has to be a high-quality cashmere sweater. I come from the North of Sweden, so I’m really aware of the importance of investing in good materials that will keep you warm throughout the cold weather. My second staple would have to be an oversized scarf! They’re just SO cosy – perfect (again) for keeping you warm. Then my third, and final, winter staple would be a good pair of sturdy boots – I basically walked through my teenage years without once taking my Dr. Martens off!  



What inspires your own personal style? 


I’d say that my friends and the people I surround myself with are my biggest source of inspiration when it comes to my personal style – as oppose to huge fashion icons. It’s probably because I find it much easier to connect and understand someone’s style if I’m already familiar with their personality. 



Which Instagram accounts should we be following right now? 


@kickiyangz – She’s my latest IG crush! Asides from her beautiful look, she’s a super creative soul who is creating wonderful photos and artwork.


@palomawool – This is a project that effortlessly combines stunning photograph with beautiful clothing.


@cava_on_the_rocks – The super adorable little monster that I’m currently babysitting aka my neighbour’s sausage dog puppy. SO beautiful!


@ebbazingmark – Oh, and me, of course! 




Feeling inspired? Explore the UO Halo Brands or shop the latest womenswear arrivals to create your own contrasting, statement looks.