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We asked design student @friederikchen to give us her top tips on how to make your place really feel like your own. Take it away, Friederike…
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Make Your Space Your Own with @friederikchen

7 Ways To Personalise Your Space with @friederikchen

Design student Friederike’s Instagram gives us serious interior inspiration (and envy). Here she shares her top home styling tips and gives us a tour of her beautifully botanical apartment in Fulda, Germany. (@friederikchen)


Make Your Space Your Own with @friederikchen



My Mum bought me seven palettes to create my bed. It was surprisingly quick and easy to construct! I put three of the palettes on the ground, another three on top and then used the final one as a headboard. Simple really!



1. Fill your space with plants (but don’t forget to keep them alive)


Plants are both calming and aesthetically pleasing, making them the perfect addition to your space. For plant beginners, I’d recommend Monstera or Devil’s Ivy – they don’t need a lot of watering but still grow really fast. My apartment is on the fifth floor, so it lets in a lot of natural light which allows me to have a variety of different plants that require a little more tender love and care. I guess lots of natural light is the key to keeping them alive, as I tend to only water them once a week. 


2. Maximise small spaces.


Adding your own touch to a room – especially if you’re living in a flat-share or uni halls, can be tricky. The key is to maximise what space you have, and shelves are a life saver for this! They instantly declutter your space, add a decorative touch and add interest to plain walls. A wall grid is a really great way to display pictures, fairy lights or as a way to organise notes and projects. 

3. Upcycle to create unique pieces.


It’s so important to have somewhere to relax and unwind that is entirely separate from your work space. I first discovered palette beds on Pinterest and instantly thought “I want something exactly like that”. My Mum bought me seven palettes to create my bed, and it was surprisingly quick and easy to construct! I put three of the palettes on the ground, another three on top and then used the final one as a headboard. Simple really!



4. Choose a colour palette and stick to it.


Another good tip is to make sure that your space has a style that flows from room to room. I guess this is more relevant if you’re renting an entire place and not just a room. When it came to decorating my flat, I ensured every room adhered to the same colour palette. I’ve tried to keep it very neutral with lots of whites, greys and green, alongside exposed wood. I think neutral colour schemes are very calming, so work exceptionally well for living spaces!


5. Create a work space that inspires you.


I created my workspace using a curated mixture of both new and old furniture. A lot of people ask me about the shelf that sits over the desk, which is a really old piece my Dad gave me years ago. I love decorating it with personal belongings, plants and plenty of books. The reed diffusers and candles create a peaceful atmosphere, and beautiful stationery motivates me to work.


6. Invest in key pieces to personalise your space.


I’m actually moving into a new apartment very soon, so have been eager to invest in new homeware items that will make that space feel as homely as my current one does. I think there’s five essential pieces you should invest in to really make your place feel like your own: A neutral carpet, statement bed, simplistic bedside table with enough room for your essentials, a clothing rack to display your favourite garments on and finally, a large mirror to maximise space. Making your space really feel like your own will allow you somewhere to retreat to switch off and unwind! 



7. Get inspired!


I look to Instagram all the time for inspiration! My favourites are… 







Feeling inspired? Up your interior game and make your space your own with the latest homeware arrivals or head to @urbanoutfitterseu for plenty more interior inspiration.