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Freelance Stylist and Owner of Virtual Super Land, Orsolya Szabo is on hand to show us how to style the new wardrobe mainstay, white denim.
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Three Ways To Wear: White Denim

Now the warmer weather is well and truly upon us, white denim is back with a vengeance. It’s everywhere. But if you still find the prospect of throwing on a pair of white jeans a little daunting, then you’re not alone. Luckily for us, Freelance Stylist and Owner of Virtual Super Land, Orsolya Szabo (@_orsolya), is back on hand to show us how to style the new wardrobe mainstay. Over to you, Orsolya…


Three Ways To Wear: White Denim



White denim is white denim. In the past, I’ve been afraid of it, I’ve even found it a little tacky at times, yet I’ve remained curious of its appeal. I’ve often admired effortlessly chic women who wear white jeans on holiday with straw bags, huge shades and platform espadrilles. Now here I am, taking a leaf out of their book and completely embracing it. It’s somewhat of a classic wardrobe staple that’s been slowly trending in recent seasons and I’d like to think it’s a style that’s finally coming into its own.


What drew me to the BDG Flood Ecru Jeans in particular was the high-waisted shape and wide leg fit, as well as the ecru tone which makes them a little easier to wear than scary bright white jeans. I also absolutely love wide leg jeans, they’re so flattering and can be paired with almost anything, so these jeans were definitely a winner. When it came to styling them, I wanted to experiment a little bit with my looks, opting to play with everything from bold leopard print to colour drenched denim and graphic tees. 






Three Ways To Wear: White Denim
Three Ways To Wear: White Denim

I absolutely LOVE leopard print, especially this mesh top! When the opportunity presented itself for me to put leopard on leopard, I just went for it. Too much is never enough! You shouldn’t ever be afraid to experiment with animal print on animal print, so long as you opt for some subtly elsewhere in your outfit. In this case, the contrasting light denim allowed me to be a bit more daring with the prints I chose to wear on top. As well as working to lend the outfit a much greater high summer feel. 


I also absolutely love the shape of these black cat eye sunglasses, they just really help to lift and extenuate your face – which is only ever a good thing! I experimented with different silhouettes here too, which is super important. The top is quite tight and the jacket stops at the top of the waistband of the jeans, which is flattering and works wonders for lengthening your body when you’re small like I am! 






Three Ways To Wear: White Denim
Three Ways To Wear: White Denim

With this colour drench utility jacket, I wanted to experiment with different proportions. For me, when choosing an outfit, comfort, colour and proportions are such essential factors. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be what fits you best, it’s all about playing around with what works for you and what doesn’t.


I also have a huge soft spot for shamrock green! It compliments the ecru tones of the denim so well. Giving a super light outfit a huge injection of colour does wonders for your confidence and works so well in creating versatile, standout looks. Particularly when you’re wearing white denim! After all, if you like something, just wear it. Confidence is such an important factor when pulling off an outfit. Mix and match, be confident, have faith in yourself.






Three Ways To Wear: White Denim
Three Ways To Wear: White Denim

My general day-to-day uniform (if you will), is an oversized white tee and high-waisted jeans. It’s such a fail-safe go-to, so it’s no surprise that I choose to style my white denim this way. I’m also a big advocate of wearing men’s graphic tees with women’s denim to create flattering, oversized silhouettes. They’re just so comfy and lend you an entirely different shape to that offered by women’s tees.


To soften the look and vibrancy of the graphic, I added a cute blush pink fleece. As the jeans are high-waisted and the jacket is cropped, it really balances my proportions out (as the first outfit did). Adding accessories, the necklace and the round sunglasses in this case, is also a great way to really elevate an outfit too. Never forget to accessorise when thinking about how to style your white denim!




The Do’s and Don’t’s of Wearing White Denim: 





Wear white denim now! It’s so on trend and is perfect for the warmer weather.


Try off-white tones, such as ecru and stone, as pure white can be a little daunting at first and much harder to wear more than once.


Pair with a white t-shirt. It’s a summer go-to classic and just looks so effortlessly cool. 


Look on seats before you sit down anywhere when you’re wearing your white denim – especially in the cinema and on pesky buses!





Not wear them just because they’re white and it feels a little daunting at first. It’s actually such a good base colour, as it goes with pretty much anything.


Wear white denim in a fit that’s too skinny. It can feel a little too dated.


Go for a shade that doesn’t suit you or the look you’re going for. Find the right shade, in the right cut for you and you’ll have found the ultimate wardrobe staple.


Spill anything on them! Two words – absolute NIGHTMARE.





Feeling inspired to be more daring with your denim choices? Experiment with white denim in a variety of fits or vamp it up and add an injection of colour to your wardrobe with our top tips on how to wear pink denim




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