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Travel blogger Frauke Hagen (@frauke_hagen) is on hand to give us a comprehensive guide to Iceland’s natural wonders. Over to you, Frauke.
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A Guide to Iceland with @frauki

Home to the Northern lights, geothermal spas, vast glacial landscapes, volcanoes and the midnight sun, the breathtaking Nordic island is famed for its natural delights. If you’re dreaming of embarking upon your own Icelandic adventure, you’re in luck. Travel blogger Frauke Hagen (@frauki) is on hand to give us a comprehensive guide to Iceland’s natural wonders. Over to you, Frauke…


Oh Iceland, you have officially stolen my heart. I’ve visited this country five times in the last 12 months alone! If I could, I’d hop on a plane straight back there right now. I’m a true believer that everyone should visit Iceland at least once in their lifetime, so I’ve devised a helpful little guide to the country’s most beautiful must-see natural attractions (as if you needed anymore persuading). 




Natural Hot Springs 



Iceland is full of hot tubs and geothermal pools. The most famous of which being the Blue Lagoon, a well-known world wonder. Be prepared though, it’s incredibly beautiful but also very expensive and quite crowded. If this isn’t for you, you can always go and take a dip in one of the many free, and equally as beautiful, wild pools. Google will become your best friend on this one! There are tonnes more hot tubs in Iceland than you’ll have days to spend in them, so don’t worry about finding one. Tie your hair up and take your own face mask and you’ll find it just as relaxing as taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon!






A Guide to Iceland with @frauke_hagen


Oh Iceland, the land of ice and fire. Yet another reason why I’m so madly in love with this country. It’s actually the first place I’ve visited that has presented me with the opportunity to see Glaciers from this close! What’s so incredible about glaciers is their ability to move and transform. Although the glaciers remain persistent, they slowly but surely deform as they flow, creating the most incredible crevasses and glacier ice caves! These caves are only accessible between November and April each year, as they melt during the warmer summer months. I’d definitely recommend exploring them if you’re there during the winter. Nothing beats the feeling of being so close to something so ancient and mighty.




The Northern Lights & The Midnight Sun



I’m sure you’re more than likely familiar with this one! The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are one of Iceland’s most famous attractions. The breathtaking green, red, pink and blue lights appear above the Earth’s magnetic poles when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with the atmosphere. The dancing displays of lights are such a spectacle; it’s something you’ll never forget witnessing. As they’re only visible in Winter, the midnight sun that encompasses the country during the Icelandic summer is equally as impressive and astonishing. Both of these natural wonders play with your head a little when you first experience them, but it’s more than worth it! 






If you think you’ve seen incredible waterfalls before, just wait until you arrive in Iceland and get to marvel at the beautiful and scenic Icelandic waterfalls. You’ll find everything here! From delicate, gentle little streams to huge, mighty, gorgeous falls that are full of so much power. Remember to bring a raincoat though, as you’re definitely going to get wet (it’s SO worth it though). 




Black Beaches



These black beaches might not be as warm and sun-drenched as the ones in Hawaii, but they’re equally as beautiful. Reynisfjara is actually a world-famous black-sand beach that can be found of the South Coast of the country. It’s widely considered to be the most breathtaking of the Icelandic black sand beaches, mainly due to its captivating panoramas, mighty Atlantic waves and gigantic basalt stacks. It should most definitely be added to the top of your must-visit list! During summer, a variety of different birds nest near the cliffs by these beaches too. My favourite of which being the puffin, a colourful bird that looks unbelievably adorable. 




Wild Flowers 



If you visit Iceland during July or August, you’ll be lucky enough to see thousands of delightful purple lupines growing over the entire country. They’re in full bloom during this time, so almost wherever you go, you’ll see them. Very often alongside lakes and roads. The lupine is one of the taller and more prosperous plants in Iceland, creating a beautiful and vibrant scene across the land. However, it has become somewhat of a plague to the country, so feel free to pick as many of them as you want! They make gorgeous bouquets. 




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