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Byron Denton (@tbhbryon) is the London-based Youtuber and Student whose honest, witty nature and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed have earned him a loyal following. We caught up with Byron during London Pride Weekend to find out how he’s spending Pride in the city, what makes him most proud and what advice he’d give to those struggling with their sexuality.
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London Pride 2018 with @tbhbyron

London Pride 2018 with @tbhbyron

London-based student and YouTuber Byron Denton (@tbhbryon) shares his photo diary of the London Pride celebrations and tells us what Pride means to him.


London Pride 2018 with @tbhbyron



There is no time limit on finding out who you are. There's no right or wrong way to discover it and there's most definitely no reason to be ashamed of it. Your sexuality is your sexuality. Whether you want to label it or just go with the flow, it's entirely your choice. Your voice. It's actually only a small part of what really makes you, you.



What does Pride mean to you? 


To me, the most important aspect of Pride is that it’s the perfect time for everyone to come together and celebrate themselves, accept themselves and most of all, BE themselves! 



What are you personally most proud of? 


To date, I think i’m most proud of my profound sense of openness and my ability to accept people for who they are. 



London Pride 2018 with @tbhbyron



Tell us how you spent your day at London Pride…


I started my day at Pride by getting ready at my house and pouring myself a huge bowl of Lucky Charms. So fitting to eat a bowl of little rainbow marshmallows on the morning of Pride! 



Once we were ready, my flatmate and I headed down to the start of the parade on Oxford Street, with the intention of following it all the way through to Trafalgar Square. However, after watching a few floats go past, we decided that it’d probably be a much better idea to head towards the end of the parade, as this way, we’d be able to see absolutely everything that passed through. There’s so many incredible floats and various other things to see, there was no way we wanted to miss any of it!



The atmosphere at the parade this year was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. Everyone just had so much love to give! It was actually my first ever Pride, so I didn’t really have any sort of expectations for how the day would go but it was incredible. I’ve been immersed in crowded places that are bursting full of excited people before but this was something entirely different. It was almost like a concert, except one with a multitude of different emotions. It was so reassuring to see that people are really coming to terms with the fact that people love who they love. 



London Pride 2018 with @tbhbyron



I just never dreamt that Pride would be such a huge event! Every street corner and every shop window around Central London had been decorated in celebration. The flowers, the people, and even the donuts, were just full of joy. 



As the day drew to a close, I found myself lying down in the park listening to some incredible singers on the stage, whilst watching the clouds pass by and the Pride flags wave slowly in the wind. A whole host of parties came alive as the sky fell dark and every street was flooded with people singing, dancing and celebrating the day. Everyone was just being themselves, unfiltered and unapologetic. Something I will never forget! 




What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling with their sexuality? 


For me, sexuality has always been something I’ve found difficult. More due to the fact that it’s always been something that everyone else around me has always questioned or pressurised. I think, if you’re in a situation where the people around you may be questioning you, or maybe you’re the one questioning yourself, you just have to learn to block the noise out and accept yourself for who you are, regardless of your sexual preferences.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the most difficult part of this whole process and it won’t just happen overnight but the more comfortable you become with yourself, the easier it will be to allow yourself to give that to others too. Remember though, there is no time limit on finding out who you are. There’s no right or wrong way to discover it and there’s most definitely no reason to be ashamed of it. Your sexuality is your sexuality. Whether you want to label it or just go with the flow, it’s entirely your choice. Your voice. It’s actually only a small part of what really makes you, you.




Feeling inspired? Follow Byron’s journey on Instagram at @tbhbyron and check out the UO Pride 2018 collection. For every item sold, UO Community Cares has donated £10 to GLSEN, the leading education organisation focused on creating LGBTQ-inclusive schools. 




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