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To draw this incredible summer of music to a fitting end, Team UO headed to the secluded woodlands of Lost Village Festival in Lincolnshire, England.
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Lost Village Festival Diary

Lost Village Festival Diary

The end of the festival season is nigh. To draw this incredible summer of music to a fitting end, Team UO headed to the secluded woodlands of Lost Village Festival in Lincolnshire, England to bring you the lowdown on the surreal, intimate and immersive festival experience. 


Lost Village Festival Diary


Image courtesy of Sam Milligan.


Festivals are undeniably one of the best things about summer! The opportunity to visit Lost Village this year was therefore one we grasped onto tightly with both hands. With only a few thousand attendees, the festival may be small in size but it boasts the same meticulous attention to detail and community spirit of a festival the size of Glastonbury. It is the DREAM. 


Lost Village creates an unforgettable experience as you find yourself getting lost in the mesmerising, winding woods surrounded by cutting-edge music, mouth watering food and unique circus experiences.





Arriving straight off the train on Friday, we set out across the winding fields to set up camp – finding ourself in the midst of an inevitable British Summertime downpour along the way. Fellow campers desperately helped us to erect our tents and offered us shelter in their spectacular Tipi. The friendliness and kindness of those strangers meant our first afternoon got off to a spectacular start. 


Not long after setting up camp, we made our way down to the Junkyard. Surrounded by abandoned cars, bath tubs and hanging books, we headed straight to the bar to allow ourselves to become fully immersed in the euphoric spirit of the festival. An abundance of people, vivid colours and pleasant sounds provided the backdrop for the most wonderful first night. The reasonably-priced drinks and delicious, mouth-watering food only added to that. We’d definitely recommend checking out the Greek wraps – SO good! 


On our adventure back to the campsite, we accidentally stumbled upon The Forgotten Cabin stage and ended up dancing through the endless sea of glitter and rainbows to the sweet sounds of Black Madonna until the early hours of the morning. 





On Saturday, we got up early to take part in a morning yoga session! Wandering through the comedy tents and dream catcher classes, we were overwhelmed by the enticing spirit and real community feel that lingered in the air long before the music had even begun. We headed towards the Lake of Tranquility, where we were greeted by glitter fairies, a fake burial site and frozen cyclists intended to both confuse and intrigue passers by. It was one of the most mesmerising festival experiences we could of possibly imagined! Decked out with scenic hot tubs and hanging hammocks, the lake was the perfect place to practise yoga and relax.


After our morning yoga session, we were ravenous! We rushed through the crowds, determined to get a seat at Dishoom – the site’s first class restaurant that specialises in Bombay cuisine. However, the long queues led us to Patty & Bun (a London burger pop-up) instead. The food was absolutely delicious! 


Full and content, we made our way back through the fields and hidden woods, which were now illuminated by twinkling lights and filled with the cheers of our fellow festival goers. On our journey, we passed by The Church Stage, which was surrounded by intriguing deathly spirits. Eventually, we perched ourselves at the front of Peggy Gou’s set and embraced the enticing sounds of the woods, heralding the end of yet another magical day in the most surreal of festivals.



Images courtesy of Andrew Whitton and Andy Hughes.




In desperate need of food, we began our day with irresistible cheese toasties. But not just any cheese toasties. Oh no, these were goats cheese, walnut and cranberry toasties from the most amazing cheese truck, which we discovered nestled next to a tasty vegan burger bar. Lost Village provided the most spectacular food, catering for all tastes and dietary requirements. There was no average, dreary festival food in sight. 


Despite the overwhelming feeling of being transported into a lost, vacant world, technology was still offered throughout the festival. The most helpful of which being the Lost Village app, which provided us with a live feed of all the acts and immersive experiences, as well as their location and how to find them. This was perfect for navigating the site and allowed us to see as much as we possibly could! 


Thanks to the Lost Village app, we were able to locate the vintage emporium – an eclectic and unique shopping experience which actually gave us head-to-toe vintage looks for next year’s festival season. After all, at Lost Village, there is no such thing as too much glitter! We spent the rest of our final day hiding under cover, as the long-awaited rain fell heavily. This did little to dampen our spirits though! How could it? After all, we were surrounded by happy campers, fantastic music and the most wonderful of atmospheres! 


Kitted out in rain macs and wellington boots, we ventured out for the final night of the festival. We entertained ourselves with video games at the Junkyard before taking to the lake to witness the festival’s huge finale – FIREWORKS! We danced until the sun came up again, basking in the glorious atmosphere. We were ferried home in the morning by double decker buses (love it). We were beyond exhausted, but it could not have been more worth it! 



Lost Village Festival Diary


Image courtesy of Steve Turvey.


There simply aren’t enough words to describe just how truly magical our Lost Village experience was. Both the staff and our fellow festival goers were so friendly and full of life. Upon our return, we thought long and hard about the best aspect of the festival and honestly, are unable to pick just one thing. Everything was just incredible. From the performances and the music to the food and the location – it was nothing short of exceptional! The only way to truly immerse yourself in the intimate magic of Lost Village is to go for yourself next year. 



Feeling inspired? Head to the secluded woodland of Lost Village to experience the magic for yourself next year or create your own statement festival looks with the latest womenswear arrivals