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We caught up with Emmanuel during the city’s Pride Weekend to get the low-down on Paris Pride and the best ways to celebrate love in the French capital.
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Hanging Out at Paris Pride with @mrfoures

Paris Pride 2018 with @mrfoures

Emmanuel Fourès (@mrfoures) is a Freelance Stylist and Travel Blogger from Paris. He travels the world capturing beautiful content, most notably by effortlessly blending women’s and menswear into looks that are simultaneously progressive yet timeless. We caught up with Emmanuel during Paris Pride Weekend to find out where he spends it in the city, what inspires him and what advice he’d give to those struggling with their sexuality.


Hanging Out at Paris Pride with @mrfoures





Name: Emmanuel Fourès aka @mrfoures


Job: Freelance Stylist | Travel & Beauty Blogger | AESOP Consultant 


Instagram Journey: No two days are the same! Some days, I have press events and exciting, new campaigns with brands. Most days, I wake up early, go for a delicious breakfast, answer my e-mails then go to different locations to shoot content. Other days, I have meetings or I’ll be lucky enough to be travelling with work. As I said, it’s always changing from one day to the next!


Personal Message: Always follow your dreams and never listen to those who want to stop you doing what you love. You’re the master of your own decisions. If you want to live through your passions, you should do exactly that. Do what you love and give everything you do 100% of yourself. To quite Drag Superstar Ru Paul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else.” That’s pretty much everything I aspire to convey through my work. 


Insta Accounts That Inspire You: In no particular order – 

@cristinamusacchio – She is so creative, yet so dramatic at the same time! With the perfect mix of fashion and travelling.

@okdeon – One of the rare male influencers whose account is so beautiful. He has a wonderful face and is so incredibly artistic. 

@lukeaustinphoto – Luke is definitely one of the top photographers I follow. He’s really talented. He always manages to see and show the beauty in people, even when they can’t see it themselves. I would love to work with him! 

@beatrice.gutu – I think Beatrice’s account is the one I love most. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. I’m so in love with each picture she posts. She’s my guru! 


Top Four Pictures from @mrfoures



What does Pride mean to you?


Pride is a way to be proud of who you are, and to express that sense of pride with both people like you and people who perhaps don’t really understand what it means to be a proud gay person in today’s society. It’s a profound sense of unity, equality and acceptance! 


Location: Le Marais 


This is one of the neighbourhoods I love most in Paris, especially during Pride month. You can almost see the happiness in the air at this time of year, with all the beautiful rainbow flags everywhere you go. My first student job was actually in this area, in a cosmetic store called ‘Huygens Paris’. They specialise in essential oils and other various wonderful products. It’s at the corner of Rue du Temple and Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie! We came to this neighbourhood during Pride to celebrate equality in a welcoming, happy atmosphere. 





How does Paris Pride differ from Pride celebrations in other cities?


In short, it doesn’t. I’ve only really experienced other Pride celebrations in different cities via social media, but from that, it doesn’t seem to be a different atmosphere at all. I think that’s down to the fact that we’re all here for the same thing. We walk the streets filled with happiness and colour, to celebrate our equality and fight for our rights. 



Location: Klay Saint Sauveur Coffee


This Coffee House is the most amazing, peaceful, gorgeous place! I stopped off here for a pit-stop coffee during Pride Weekend with my friends, but I also love coming here alone to do work in the morning over a long cup of coffee and some delicious granola. There is some major Gatsby vibes in this place, and I’m totally in love with the 1920s interior inspo. It’s also the perfect place to have a first date over some good drinks! 





What are you personally most proud of? 


For me, having amazing parents that have always accepted me as I am and have always followed and supported me in every decision I have made in my life, has made me feel so lucky. I’m very aware that not all parents are like that, so I guess I’m most proud of having such an incredible, accepting family. 



Location: Le Jardin des Tuileries & The Fair


Le Jardin des Tuileries is a really famous garden in Paris, that welcomes a travelling fair at different times throughout the year. We decided to come here after Pride, as the atmosphere is so happy, warm and welcoming. You can eat delicious sweets, ride the carrousels and take a lovely stroll in a beautiful palace with gigantic fountains. You can also enjoy picnics with your friends on the fresh grass – the perfect thing to do after the Pride Parade!




What advice would you give to anyone dealing with insecurity about their sexuality? 


The best advice I can give is to find someone who understands and will listen to you. This could be a good friend, or a close family member, for example. It’s really important to not be alone when you have so many insecurities and thousands of questions running through your mind. My best friends really helped me to feel good about myself when I was feeling lost in regards to my sexuality. Also, time helped a lot, both with my insecurities and with my confidence. I think this is because you grow up, you have new experiences, you meet new people who have been in the same place as you and you can discuss your experience with those around you.



Location: La Roseraie


This is an unbelievably beautiful place to retreat to when you’re in need of some time to yourself to reflect on how you feel. I first discovered it a few months ago. It’s actually just outside of Paris, but it’s super easy to get to via bus! It’s so worth the thirty-minute journey because when you’re here, it feels like being in your own fairytale. You just instantly feel so at peace with things, which is why I’d recommend it to anyone who may be battling with their own insecurities around this time of year. Everything in this garden is just incredible – you’ll never see roses as beautiful as this anywhere else! Plus, entry is only three Euros. 





Feeling inspired? Follow Emmanuel’s journey on Instagram at @mrfoures and check out the UO Pride 2018 collection. For every item sold, UO Community Cares has donated £10 to GLSEN, the leading education organisation focused on creating LGBTQ-inclusive schools. 




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