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Plants add vibrancy, life and serenity to any room. Bring your place to life with our top tips on how to style your botanicals.
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A Guide To Styling Your Indoor Plants

7 Ways To Style House Plants

It’s fair to say, there’s been a botanical boom. Plants are now just as important to any room as wall art, lighting and furniture. If you love the idea of a leafy haven but feel like you’d manage to murder potpourri, or you’ve got plants but want some new ideas on how to style them, read on and get growing.


How To Style Your Indoor Plants




Invest in impressive planters.


Styling house plants starts at root level; never underestimate the power of the planter. Go for an eclectic variety of plant pots, macrame hangers, jam jars, ceramics, metal plant stands and glass terrariums to add character to your greenery. The key is to collect lots of different sizes and varieties to create a thrown together, urban jungle. We’re obsessed with statement pieces too like the Tiger Plant Pot, check out our latest collection of planters here.



Get inspired.


There’s certainly no shortage of greenery on the ‘gram. Whilst inspiration can be found all around us, these carefully curated feeds offer unique and beautiful ways to style your houseplants. Spend some time scrolling through the feeds, add to collection the pics that make you double tap and get following for green goals.




Get hanging.


Hanging plants are not only the perfect solution when you have limited space, but they also add interest and dimension. Choose a draping plant such as an ivy or fern in a hanging planter for beautiful cascading foliage, or if succulents are more your vibe, hanging terrariums are low maintenance and look beautiful grouped together.



Plants over ornaments.




Forget shelves and cabinet tops full of lined-up picture frames, candles and trinkets. Add texture and personality to your space by filling whole surfaces with a variety of plants in different shapes, sizes and planters. If you’re short on space and actually need your cabinet tops for storage (us), get the same look by putting up a plant-filled shelf.



Make the most of empty corners. 




Use large plants, such as monstera deliciosa, or clusters of smaller plants to fill empty corners. For larger spaces, sometimes a huge potted plant is more effective than a piece of furniture or artwork. Go for a huge cactus, yucca, Kentia palm or ficus tree – just check the environment suits its needs. For smaller spaces, opt for a hanging spider plant or a terrarium to add detail. However you choose to display your plants, always make sure that they work well with the size and proportions of the room and your furniture. 




Play with the unexpected. 




Get experimental, plants don’t have to be confined to the bedside table or the mantlepiece. Bathrooms are a great space for greenery, plus, the low light and high humidity actually makes it ideal for more tropical species you couldn’t keep anywhere else. Opt for orchids, peace lilies, succulents, ferns or ivy for your botanical bathroom as these are the plants that thrive on minimum sunlight and high humidity. 




Use natural resources. 




Go full on green and look to recycle natural resources such as wooden crates, old sinks and crockery. Collect mismatched, retro tea cups and saucers at charity shops and use as planters, hang old crates on their side to create a plant wall, or rescue a vintage sink for the perfect indoor or outdoor statement piece.




Feeling inspired? Transform or maximise your space by investing in planters and terrariums to house your decorative plants. If you’re still searching for more ways to create your very own indoor oasis, check out these helpful books on plants or head to @urbanoutfitterseu for more interior inspiration.