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We caught up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Josefin Dahlberg ( to discover the best ways to transform your bedroom into your very own happy space.
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Refresh Your Bedroom with

Refresh Your Bedroom with

Your bedroom is the space you retreat to relax and recharge your energy – your own personal haven if you will. Our days are often demanding and tiresome, so what could possibly be more refreshing than creating a bedroom space that provides the perfect setting to switch off and unwind? Luckily for you, we caught up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Josefin Dahlberg ( to discover the best ways to transform your bedroom into your very own happy space. 


How would you describe your interior style?


From my room, I think you can tell that I’m very much a maximalist and live by the expression “more is more”. So, I love to have a wonderful mix of old and new pieces that compliment my aesthetic. I really want my home to feel intimate and personal, so I have a lot of stuff everywhere! It’s a real mix of new and old. I love to shop for second hand pieces when I’m travelling and I also have lots of old things that my family have handed down to me. At the same time, I love hunting for more trendy pieces when I go shopping on the high street! Urban Outfitters is most definitely one of my favourite shops when it comes to interior decor and homeware – there are always so many pieces I love. 



How has your bedroom style evolved over the last ten years?


My bedroom has become considerably brighter and calmer over the last ten years. These days I absolutely love to incorporate brightness and lots of light colours into my bedroom, since it’s the place I come to calm down and relax. Of course I sleep in there but I also meditate and practise yoga in my bedroom, so it’s important that it has the right atmosphere.



Where do you go to seek interior inspiration? 


Instagram and Pinterest, most definitely! I can literally scroll through my feed for hours, taking inspiration from all the beautiful imagery.



Do you think your bedroom space is a reflection of your personality?


Oh, it’s certainly a reflection of one aspect of my personality – the calm and serene side of myself. The other aspect of my personality is reflected in my living room, which has an array of colours and eclectic items scattered all over! 



How do you create a space that has the perfect balance between rest and relaxation, and work and creativity? 


I think it’s all about how you manage your space! For instance, I have a work desk in one corner of my bedroom, which has become the perfect place to work on my blog and produce creative content. It’s a quiet, bright space that really allows me to focus on whatever it is that I’m currently working on. Then, I have a totally separate, soft furnished area of the room dedicated to sleeping and relaxing. It’s all about that balance!



What do you believe is the most important aspect of any bedroom? 


Most definitely the bed! Sleep is so important, so it’s essential that both your bed and the space around it provides the perfect setting to really switch off and unwind. Essentially, your bedroom should make you feel relaxed, calm and safe! I think that’s super important for the quality of the sleep you get. 



What advice would you give to someone looking to entirely recreate the look and feel of their bedroom? 


I think it’s important to decide on a colour scheme and then stick to it! Of course you can bring other colours into the details as you fill your room with items you buy, but everything instantly looks better if it fits the colour scheme you’ve chosen. I think my bedroom gives off really good, relaxing vibes thanks to the fact that I’ve stuck to the light and airy colour scheme I originally opted for. Another top tip that’s super easy to achieve and will instantly recreate your bedroom look is to incorporate lots of bright plants and light chains! It makes your room instantly look so much cosier. 



Would you say that you’re a hoarder? 


Yes and no, I guess. As I mentioned, I absolutely love collecting more personal items from my travels and things that have been passed down to me from family. I have a great sentimental attachment to these items, which makes it incredibly difficult to ever imagine myself giving them away. However, I do also love to clear my space out every now and again, to create a fresh, new energy. I think this is so important, both to how your bedroom looks and to how it makes you feel. 



What do you love most about your bedroom space and why? 


My bedroom really is my happy place, where I retreat to relax and refill my energy. I just absolutely love the vibes in there and I really do think that it’s thanks to the light, airy colours that I’ve chosen. As well as all of the personal items that i’ve gradually filled the space with! My crystals, books, plants, candles and everything that goes alongside them creates this real mix of things I absolutely love. It makes the space really feel like my own, it’s comforting and unbelievably cosy – that’s why I love it so much! 



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