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Interior blogger @copenhagenwilderness gives us the ultimate guide to revolutionising your home decor
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Refresh Your Space with @copenhagenwilderness

Rearranging or transforming your home decor can prove both invigorating and refreshing, alongside lending you the ability to entirely revolutionise the look and feel of a dreary and drab space. But what happens when you’re unsure of where to even begin? Luckily for you, we’re on hand to help. In order to gain some highly sought after interior inspiration, we spoke to interior blogger Juila (@copenhagenwilderness) about her distinct style, most-loved homeware pieces and top tips for transforming a space on a tight budget.







Tell us about Copenhagen loft living! How long have you been there? 


I’ve been living in this old, dry attic-turned-loft for almost 9 years. I live with my boyfriend Allan and our Norwegian forest cat Elmer! The apartment itself is situated in the roof of a 150-year-old building, by the beautiful lakes in Copenhagen. It’s 124 square meters in size and has just recently been updated to incorporate concrete walls and herringbone flooring, which lends the entire space a much more raw and industrial feel.






How would you describe your homeware style? 


I’d describe it as ‘Danish midcentury design meets organic boho elements, meets a gardener and an industrial worker in Morocco.’



How often do you update the rooms in your apartment?

Whenever I get inspired really! Which is actually quite often. I love to move things around in order to give myself that stimulating feeling of walking into a ‘refreshed’ space. My father’s family were nomads in the Sahara Desert, so I like to think that it’s in my genes to constantly crave change. Well, that’s the excuse I give to Allan anyway! The only promise I’ve given him in regards to my constant urge to rearrange our space is that I won’t move our bed. 







What are your top tips for updating a room on a budget? 


Plants plants plants – in all shapes and sizes! They can transform a room completely. Another of my favourite methods for updating a room (besides rearranging the furniture) is kind of a cliché, but one that works. Essentially, I love constantly changing the cushions, throws and blankets that we have around the apartment. Introducing new colours and patterns can have a really big impact on the overall look and feel of a room. Additionally, changing or moving wall art can really change the feeling of any given room.



What key homeware pieces can you update to transform the whole look of a room? 


Asides from new cushions and wall art, rugs are also super easy items that can transform a room entirely. I’ve opted for a dark Berber rug to lie in brightest spot of the living room. It’s already made the area a lot more “hygge” (cosy and charming). I also love that the rug is washable and has been responsibly woven using nontoxic dye – those are huge bonuses for me. In regards to transforming the look of a room, putting a brass banner up on a wall that was previously empty, has also helped to attract attention to other aspects of our wonderful little living room. The change is often in the details. 







How do you make a room more multifunctional? 


Regardless of whether you live in a huge apartment or in a cosy loft, rugs are a great way of defining different spaces when a room has more than one function. Additionally, opting for contrasting lighting in different areas of a room can really help to set the correct mood, depending on what you’re currently using the room for. It also ensures that the lighting serves a functional purpose. However, it’s important to remember that the more furniture and accessories you add to a room, the smaller the space will seem, so try not to go overboard! 




Where do you go to look for inspiration? 


It’s so cliché but most of the time, I use Instagram and Pinterest as a source of inspiration for my home decor. However, beautiful stores and quirky cafés can easily spark my creativity too! 







What is your favourite new UO home piece and why? 


My two Rohini Daybeds are my most favourite – they’ve completely changed our dining room/office! They’re just super comfortable, ultra cosy and really give the space between our dining table and my desk a much more relaxed vibe. Also, the whole idea of sitting closer to the floor reminds me a lot of Morocco and makes me feel a little more at home here. 




What are the emerging homeware trends for 2018? 


Here in Scandinavia, we’re always described as ‘the pioneers of minimalism’. We had a rather elongated period of favouring the monochromatic aesthetic, but this year, more bold colours are being introduced into our homes. Not only this, but we’re certainly starting to experiment more with textures too. Alongside this, we’re also focusing more on the incorporation of organic and natural elements into our home décor. This generally includes lots of wood, rattan and earthy toned colour palettes. In general, I see a bigger focus on quality over quantity and buying more responsibly from an environmental perspective. 







Feeling inspired? Create your own idyllic space by updating your home decor with key pieces that you’ll love for years to come. Check out our latest homeware collections and follow @urbanoutfitterseu for more beautiful interior styling inspiration.





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