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@nelplant explains how he refreshed the look and feel of his bedroom with a few small pieces.
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Simple Ways To Update Your Room with @nelplant

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to transform a room. A few well placed accessories can instantly refresh your space and add a new sense of style and atmosphere. Student and home style blogger @nelplant talks us through his bedroom style and shows us how it’s done.





I have recently rearranged and redecorated my bedroom to make it look more spacious and to give it a cleaner look. I wanted to create a cozy, warm atmosphere while still maintaining the minimal, fresh aesthetic that I so dearly cherish. Something you should know about my room is that it’s actually a very small space. The only piece of actual furniture in it is my bed. My desk and wardrobe are in my brother’s old room so even though it’s a small room, it still feels spacious because there’s nothing more in it than a bed and plants. There’s also a big mirror to trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it actually is. I’ve had so many comments about the mirror being in front of bed, as it ‘brings bad energy’ – but don’t worry, my energy is just fine!






I have no idea how to describe my particular style of decor: I just throw some things that I like together, add some plants and voilà: The Nelson style. It’s no secret that I love plants. I love how they add life to a room and create a really welcoming and cozy atmosphere. I really like how big plants can create that ‘indoor jungle’ vibe, but since my room is tiny, I tend to use smaller plants like little cacti and airplants.





Something I’ve noticed when going through pictures of my room is that I’m a big fan of anything brass. I love how the golden moon cycle banner and copper wall grid add a slightly industrial, metallic element of interest to the clean white walls.





Scented candles are such a small but important extra detail to add to any room. I really like earthy, botanical scents because they match perfectly with the plants and vibe of the space.





I’m really happy with how my room looks at this moment, and even though most of the newest additions are just small additions and finishing touches, they have really created a fresh new atmosphere. Honestly, there’s not much you need to add that extra bit of life to a room, just add some plants and you’re already halfway there!




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