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Temporary Collective: New | Sustainable | Unisex

New, unisex, sustainable and exclusive to UO. This is Temporary Collective, and this is everything you need to know.

Temporary Collective was formed by a variety of creatives from many different walks of life. This is reflected in the brand’s focus on collaborative design to produce a fresh take on gender neutral apparel, as well as Temporary Collective’s diverse aesthetic. United by a shared creative philosophy, the collection blends contemporary art with Japanese-inspired streetwear to create unisex collections using organic, sustainable and recycled fabrics.

The Temporary Collective team is made up of  skaters, designers, photographers and artists, who have joined forces to produce a fresh take on apparel. It all began when The Collective met by sharing a studio space in East London, and discovered a shared love for contemporary art and Japanese style. 

In a nutshell, Temporary Collective brings people together to create innovative and eco-friendly clothing. They understand that slow fashion is key to sustainability, and only produce limited runs of each style, all of which are printed in London. The injection of collaborations within each range brings a new story to the designs, setting them apart from the rest. 

The collection draws inspiration from recent trips The Collective have taken to Copenhagen, Japan and Seoul. Designs nod to their appreciation of contemporary art, and features an array of painted and hand-sketched graphics, mixed with photography of their time in Asia. 

Temporary Collective: The Facts

Temporary Collective is committed to ethical practice, here’s how:


  • All T-Shirts are 100% organic cotton.


  • All factories involved in manufacture are powered by renewable energy and are signed up to water conservation programmes.


  • All labels and swing tags are 100% recycled.


  • Hoodies and sweaters contain recycled polyester.


  • All graphics are eco-friendly and use water based ink.


  • Temporary Collective packaging is made from recycled poly.

Temporary Collective have recently teamed up with a new sustainable partner, and have plans to release woven product soon… we’re also hyped for their next artist collaboration – it’s a winner, stay tuned!