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Fashion undergraduates Bryon and Haz lend us their top tips on the simple ways to make your uni room feel like like your own.
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Uni Room Inspiration with @tbhbryon + @idkimhaz

Uni Room Inspiration with @tbhbyron + @idkimhaz

One of the most exciting things about packing up and heading off to uni is putting your own stamp on your new room. But what should you take? How do you create a chilled-but-productive vibe in a space that’s the size of a shoebox? Don’t panic. Get inspired by taking a look at how fashion undergraduates Byron (@tbhbyron) and Haz (@idkimhaz) transformed their uni halls rooms on a budget using only a few key pieces…


Uni Room Inspiration with @tbhbryon + @idkimhaz


I think the key to maximising the space in your halls bedroom is to keep things quite minimal. Try not to go too overboard on the decor and stick to a neutral colour palette with the occasional splash of colour.



Uni hall rooms are notoriously small – how do you make the most of your space?


Byron: When it comes to my uni room, I tend to try not to stress out about the lack of space too much. Thankfully the rooms we were given have a lot of available storage, which is super useful for someone like me who has way too many clothes! I think the key to maximising the space in your halls bedroom is to keep things quite minimal. Try not to go too overboard on the decor and stick to a neutral colour palette with the occasional splash of colour. I also think adding plants (fake or living) makes a space feel more homely, regardless of its size. 


Haz: To make the most of the limited space in my halls room, I just keep the things I use daily out on display. Everything else I have neatly stored away either under my bed or up on my shelves! I have my shelves organised meticulously, with all of my make-up and glitter on one shelf, uni-related stuff on another and hair accessories on the other. Keeping your space as tidy as possible generally tends to make it look a lot bigger!



Which pieces have made the biggest difference to your room? Have any given your room more personality?


Byron: The pieces that have really changed the feel of my room are my scatter cushions and botanical bedding. As I mentioned, I love to keep things simple. I normally opt for solid grey marl or white bedding, but adding a splash of greenery gave my room an entirely different feel (which I love). The cushions are so simplistic and monochromatic but add so much personality to my room. I think that in their own way, they say ‘I’m a student, but a student with a great taste in decor and a wonderful pillow collection’ [laughs]. As you can probably tell, they’re my favourite things in the room!


Haz: Without a shadow of a doubt! Especially my tapestry and wall decor. Adding any type of imagery to the walls, whether it’s a band poster or a piece of art, makes a place feel so much more like home (pretty essential when you’ve only just moved away from home). I also think that’s why I’ve filled my room with cushions. They just lend a cosy, comfortable vibe to the room and that makes me feel a lot more at home.



When people come to visit you in halls, what do they notice most about your room? 


Byron: Whenever I have guests over, they always say ‘wow, walking into your room is like walking into an Urban Outfitters store.’ Now, this isn’t just down to the fact that I probably own about 90% of the UO Homeware department, but because I like to think I share a similar aesthetic to the brand. I also get a lot of compliments on my fairy lights – they make everything so much cosier! Oh, and my plant receives quite a lot of attention too.


Haz: People always comment on how homely my room feels. I love that! I’ve always tried to make my space as comfy and cosy as I possibly can, so it’s lovely that it makes other people feel that way too. 



What three things should every student invest in for a new uni room? 


Byron: I think when it comes to investing in pieces for your room, you definitely need to make it things that you’re going to use a lot. After all, you’re a student and probably need to keep to a budget. Comfortable bedding is always a sensible option (who doesn’t love sleep?!). However, personally, I couldn’t live without my Crosley record player. Not only do I love to listen to music on it but I also find the process of choosing a vinyl, putting the needle in the correct place and letting it spin so therapeutic. It just makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable and it’s nice to step away from my phone for a while. So, I’d say always treat yourself to the things that’ll really make a difference to your quality of life as a student! 


Haz: Well, storage cabinets are an absolute must. I have far too much stuff for one person and definitely need the space. I’d also say good, comfortable pillows are essential too! Sleep is so important and it’s inevitable that as a student, you’re probably going to struggle with that enough as it is. So, invest in good pillows to make the sleep you will be getting a lot more enjoyable! Oh, and finally, a fluffy hot water bottle for the winter! It’s all about those little home comforts that’ll help you relax and feel at home. 



What advice would you give to new students heading off to uni? 


Byron: Microwave meals are NOT meant to be an everyday thing. On a more serious note though, moving away from home and starting a new chapter in your life can be extremely daunting – it seems like such a scary thing to do (well, it kind of is). However, it’s been almost a year since I took the plunge and I can confidently say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Not necessarily due to the academic side of things, but instead, because it’s helped develop me as a person – you really learn to grow as an adult and find your feet when you go to university. A quote I often like to remind myself of when things seem a little daunting is, “When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise you’ll end up staying in the same place for the rest of your life.” 


Haz: Take every opportunity as it comes and just try to enjoy yourself! I met my best friends at university and I’m so excited to be living with them over the next two years as we carry on our studies. Socialise, go to events, step out of your comfort zone! Your best years lay ahead of you, and you’ve so many incredible memories to be made. Also, make sure that you really work hard and be organised! It’ll all pay off come results day, I promise. 




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