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Our homeware stylist reveals the simple ways to create statement displays without the use of nails. Go from plain to Pinterest worthy walls in minutes.
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A Guide To Hanging Wall Art

UO Guide To Hanging Wall Art

Forget measuring up, hammering holes into walls and hoping for the best. Instead, transform your space with the super easy UO guide to hanging wall art. Our homeware stylist reveals the simple ways to create statement picture displays without the use of nails. Go from plain to Pinterest worthy walls in minutes. Here’s how…


A Guide To Hanging Wall Art




Choose Your Wall Art 





If you don’t already have any photographs or pieces of artwork in mind for your wall art display, then you’ve come to the right place! Firstly, decide what kind of feature wall you’re looking to create – ask yourself which colours and themes will work well together to complement your space. For instance, if you’re an avid music fanatic, why not frame a selection of your favourite vinyl sleeves or band posters? Or if you’ve a keen eye for photography, perhaps choose a mix of dynamic prints? Whatever your personal preference may be, it’s all about selecting pieces that work together as a group to suit your space.




Things To Consider: 


The size of your wall space.


Incorporating an odd number of pictures works best for group displays.


Mix sizes, shapes, colours and themes (photos, vinyls, posters, photos, art, etc).


Look at also using unframed pieces, signage and 3D artwork for a well curated mix.


Consider the size and weight of the art you’re hanging. If you live in rented

accommodation and can’t make holes in the wall, you’ll need pieces that are

light and can be mounted using adhesive picture strips that will peel off

easily without leaving any marks.






Always consider your own interior style, as well as the space you're working with. If you don't have much free space, hanging wall grids are the perfect way to easily display a collection of photos, whilst framed photos, posters and tapestries work well in much larger spaces.





Decide The Composition 





1. Lay all of your pictures on the floor, so you can look at them together as a group. 


2. Ask yourself if you’d prefer a symmetric or asymmetric composition.


3. Try to mix lots of different shapes, colours and themes together in order to create a statement wall display.


4. Once you’ve decided how you want to arrange them, measure the space you have on the wall so that you can plan the distance between the pictures. 





Personally, I always experiment with the order of the posters in every position. The vivid colours of the graphics worked really well, so I placed contrasting colours next to each other for visual impact, before adding the neon light sign in the middle to complete the final layout.





How To Hang Your Pictures and Artwork





1. Most of the time, you’ll be able to determine how high you need to hang your art just by using your sight and knowledge of the room.


2. For a more technical approach, grab a tape measure and pencil.


3. Measure 145cm from the ground and make a tiny mark. This is the ideal height for the centre point of your composition.





4. Start by hanging the middle picture of piece of artwork. Hold it up to the wall, so that the pencil mark is halfway up the piece. Then, make a small pencil mark at the top of the piece. This will ensure that the 145cm mark is at the centre! 


5. Even if you want to use nails, it’s a good idea to start with adhesive picture strips to ensure that you’re happy with your composition before you get the hammer out. We used Command Damage-Free Picture Hanging Strips, but you’ll find lots of similar products at your local DIY store! These strips are ideal for rented accommodation, uni halls or for anywhere where hammering nails into the wall isn’t an option. They’re incredibly strong and can be easily peeled off without leaving a trace. Amazing right?! 





6. Follow the instructions to ensure that the strips are securely in place, then hang your middle piece – hold a spirit level on top of the frame to ensure that it’s straight. The great thing about hanging strips is that you can easily move them to adjust the positioning if you need to! 


7. To hang the rest of your artwork, hold up the next picture and decide what spacing best suits both the art itself and the space that you’re working with. Measure the space and make a pencil mark before repeating step 6, until you have mounted your entire composition. 


8. Stand back, admire your new picture wall and of course, take a quick pic for Instagram. #Skills





To make sure that each picture is spaced evenly, use a small object (a little box for instance) as a measurement of the distance between each picture. We used a mint tin! It's a really simple trick but it works.



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